Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Do Players Really Recruit Other Players?

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IMarch 9, 2012

Will Vincent Jackson REALLY leave San Diego?
Will Vincent Jackson REALLY leave San Diego?Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Imagine this telephone call, if you will.


Cortland Finnegan: "Hey V-Jax, what's up?"

Vincent Jackson: "Time to get paid, dude."

CF: "Listen, I got the deal for both of us. Already had my agent in touch with that Domino, or Dominos or something like that in Tampa, forget his name, some young guy is their GM. It's like this, dude—they are really, really needy, that's NEEDY in caps, you get me?

So I have my agent talk to Dominos and seems like they're not diggin' on Ronde Barber, you know, the old dude. Soooooo, hey, it's Finnegan time!"

V-Jax: "So where do I come in?"

CF: "That's the thing man, Dominos isn't sold on Mike Williams, they think he's really a No. 2 in disguise and you know how that goes."

V-Jax: "Yeah, either you can get open deep or you can't. Either you got the speed or you don't. I know he's no Jerry Rice, either."

CF: "Yeah, V-Jax, my agent found out on the QT that they'll drop a truckload of money for both of us. Thing is, this team needs you on offense and me on defense."

V-Jax: "Yeah, I can understand that. What the heck, how many games did they win last year?"

CF: "Four."

V-Jax:  *Long silence*

"Listen Cort, I gotta think about this. I'd rather stay here in San Diego. I built a pretty nice pad the last go-round and I'm a Pacific Ocean kinda guy. What kinda water they got out there in Tampa?"

CF: "I'm not sure man, but you know it's a buyer's market for boats!"

V-Jax: "Let me think this over. Gotta talk to the wife, you know."

CF: "Yeah, I know how that goes."

V-Jax: "Later."


Okay, not sure it really went like that, but it could have.

Sure, Cortland Finnegan and Vincent Jackson are two names we have batted around now for a month or more. Both would be welcome here, welcome with open arms. But they'll also be welcome by other needy teams as well.

The question we have to ask ourselves is: How attractive are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to any prominent free agents?

Here's the problem: No one knows as of yet what sort of offense OR defense this team will be running.

Greg Schiano's an unknown quantity to just about all of these big-time free agents.

Sounds like "Dominos" better get his salesman's hat on and be prepared to write some big checks, doesn't it?