Chelsea Stunned by Manchester United!

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IJanuary 11, 2009

Chelsea FC just got killed today by there rivals Manchester United. United scored not one, not two, but three goals. Drogba was quoted as saying: "I couldn't believe it."

This was a big wake up call for Chelsea as they found out that they're play might not be good enough just yet. I say this game was a fluke because if Chelsea wanted to they would destroy Manchester United.

I can't wait until these two teams play each other again it will be a chance for revenge. Even though Chelsea lost they still sit higher than Manchester United in the Barclays Premier League.

A little note to go with this game is; Manchester United have beaten Chelsea three straight times. To any Chelsea fan out there don't worry we'll bounce back. This year we will be winning the Barclays Premier league title and possibly the UEFA Champions League title too.

Anyway, let's go Chelsea!!!