10 Best One-and-Done Fighters in UFC History

Hunter Homistek@HunterAHomistekCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2012

10 Best One-and-Done Fighters in UFC History

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    The game of mixed martial arts is such a fickle beast.  

    One fight, you can have your fist raised in triumphant victory and the next be flat on your back, unconscious and unsure what went wrong.

    Unfortunately for some fighters throughout UFC history, that sweet taste of victory made but one fleeting appearance and left only a trail of defeat for them to scoop up in its wake.   

    In honor of these one-hit wonders of the MMA world, I've compiled the following slideshow, so put on that Chumbawamba record, blast some "Tubthumping," and enjoy.   

No. 10: Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou

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    When Sokoudjou first came to the UFC, fans (myself included) were mesmerized.  

    The dude is absolutely jacked and he comes out of the tunnel wearing a Predator mask.

    That'll do, pig, that'll do.

    Unfortunately, his performance inside the Octagon didn't do, and Sokoudjou enjoyed just one victory during his brief stint in the UFC.  

    He may have only won once, but dammit if he didn't look awesome while doing it.  

No. 9: Marcio Cruz

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    Marcio Cruz had his moment of fame when he defeated current heavyweight contender Frank Mir via TKO at UFC 57.  

    Since then, Mir has gone on to reinvent himself as a fighter and has emerged as one of the top heavyweights in the game.  

    Cruz, on the other hand, dropped two consecutive contests and received his walking papers from the UFC. 

    Who lost again?

No. 8: Sean McCorkle

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    Sean "The Big Sexy" McCorkle had a ridiculous start to his MMA career.  

    After firing off nine consecutive victories, McCorkle earned his shot in the UFC, where he was matched up with K-1 veteran Mark Hunt.  

    McCorkle made quick work of Hunt after getting the fight to the ground, and the submission win helped him maintain his spotless record.  

    That Windex-approved squeaky clean record was about to get dirty though, and McCorkle dropped two straight bouts to Stefan Struve and Christian Morecraft, effectively ending his run in the UFC.  

    Since then, McCorkle has won five straight bouts, all by first-round submission, so he may have a chance yet to remove his one-hit wonder status inside the Octagon.  

No. 7: Kimbo Slice

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    I would put Kimbo higher because of his sheer popularity, but let's be honest here: was anyone surprised with Kimbo's struggles?  

    K-Slice (has anybody ever called him that before? It just flows...) was featured on Season 10 of "The Ultimate Fighter," where he was taken out by eventual winner Roy Nelson.  

    After that, Kimbo was given the chance to redeem himself against Houston Alexander, and he won the bout in lackluster fashion.  

    That bland win stands as Kimbo's sole victory inside the Octagon though, as he was promptly sent packing at the hands of Matt Mitrione.

    This elegant one-and-done performance earned him the No. 7 spot on my list.  

No. 6: Goran Reljic

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    Remember that picture at the beginning of the slideshow that had you wondering, "who is that guy?"  

    Well, "that guy" was Goran Reljic. 

    Reljic made his UFC debut against Wilson Gouveia, a man who was coming off four quick victories against tough opponents.  

    Nobody really expected Reljic to win.

    But he did!

    The Croatian sensation shocked the world and was primed to start his run as the UFC's "next big thing."

    Alas, the fight gods would have none of this, and Reljic battled injuries and suffered an 0-3 record inside the Octagon following his huge upset.  Ouch.  

No. 5: Steve Cantwell

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    Steve Cantwell was such a promising crossover from the WEC...What happened?  

    Cantwell defeated Brian Stann in triumphant TKO fashion to capture the WEC's light heavyweight championship and then saw the UFC absorb his organization in a hugely significant business decision.

    It was finally his time to shine on the big stage. 

    In his first fight in the UFC, Cantwell nearly ripped Razak-Al Hassan's arm off in what is still one of the nastier submissions I have ever seen.

    Unfortunately, the only thing nasty since then is his record: Cantwell is an abysmal 0-5 since that win, and each loss has come via unanimous decision.  

    Talk about boring.  I think I hear the Proclaimers in the distance...

No. 4: Houston Alexander

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    Ahh, you were waiting for this one I'm sure. Really, Alexander could be a lot higher, but there's a problem.

    He had--gasp--two victories inside the Octagon!  

    Those two victories added together lasted less than two minutes though, so I think it is still fair to impart eligibility to "The Assassin" for the UFC's exclusive one-hit wonder program.  

    After taking the light heavyweight division by storm in knocking out Keith Jardine and Alessio Sakara, Alexander dropped three consecutive contests, all by first-round stoppage, and was released from the organization.  

    We'll just not mention that gut-wrenching performance he turned in against Kimbo in his UFC return.  The poor man has already done enough!  

No. 3: David Terrell

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    Remember how good David Terrell looked in his UFC debut against Matt Lindland? 

    Remember how that one punch earned him a shot at Evan Tanner's middleweight title?  

    Remember how he lost?

    Then, do you remember how he beat Scott Smith, but only sort of

    Now, all we remember about Terrell is that he had a world of promise and could never repeat his epic debut performance.  

    What a shame.  

No. 2: Jorge Santiago

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    Jorge Santiago got off to a blazing start in the UFC as he knocked out Justin Levens with a brutal knee that makes its way onto UFC highlight reels to this day.  

    Unfortunately for Santiago, the beatings can go both ways, and he suffered KO losses to Chris Leben and Alan Belcher in his next two outings before being nixed from the big show.  

    This wasn't good enough for him, though; he wanted to be the best one-hit wonder the UFC had ever seen!

    After rattling off wins in smaller promotions, Santiago earned his way back into the UFC, where he was set to fight the ever-badass war hero Marine, Brian Stann.  

    Would Santiago repeat the magic of his debut performance?


    Santiago lost to Stann via KO and to Demian Maia before being cut (again).  

    Now that, my friends, is dedication to the term "one and done."  

    And he would have been the best one-hit wonder the UFC had ever seen if it weren't for...

No. 1: Todd Duffee

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    Nobody in UFC history epitomizes "one-hit" like Todd Duffee.  

    In his company debut, Duffee caught Tim Hague with a powerful punch early and knocked him out in record time.  He only needed one hit (OK, there were some follow-up punches, but you get the point) to cement himself as the next great heavyweight in the world of MMA.  

    For Duffee's sake, I hope he really enjoyed those seven seconds in the Octagon against Hague, because he would go on to suffer a highlight-reel knockout at the hands (or hand, rather) of Mike Russow and never fight for the promotion again.

    That loss, a bad attitude, and constant injuries earned Duffee his permanent leave of absence, and he will always be remembered only for that one marvelous hit he had inside the cage.