TNA: Will Crimson Be the Next Great Heel on Impact Wresting?

David LevinSenior Writer IIMarch 9, 2012

By the looks of things, maybe I will get my wish in the coming weeks on Impact Wrestling.

Earlier this week, I wrote about how TNA needed to help "promote" a feud between Matt Morgan and Crimson. And after watching the tag team match between the two giants and Robbie E and Robbie T, I am convinced there will be some heat from this in the coming weeks leading to Victory Road.

On three occasions now, Crimson, who still boasts a perfect record within the company, has proven to be the evil seed, not communicating with Matt Morgan to either lose a match or score a pinfall when it was clearly Morgan who was in the right.

Morgan was being blamed for being pinned twice in the matches with current TNA Tag Team Champions Samoa Joe and Magnus (who look dynamite together), while the younger and ego-centric Crimson seems more concerned about a streak that appears to be worthless right now (I think he is 365-0).

Morgan clearly dominated the match last night and was ready for the pin against Robbie E when Crimson tagged himself into the match to score the win, raising his own personal streak. Morgan looked dumbfounded and the two men bickered back to the dressing room.

I have said before if anyone needed to turn heel in this company at some point, it should be Crimson. He has the look, the size and the athleticism to be the future of this company.

While the company is in the process of misusing talents like Gunner, Velvet Sky and Eric Young (ODB's puppet), the play for this one may be right on target.

The company has many "faces" like Morgan, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, James Storm, etc. that right now can carry the company. Crimson, Gunner, Austin Aries need more of a push to the front line of the heels while Bully Ray is fantastic.

The best thing about Crimson besides the look is he can wrestle. He is not a "Goldberg" who stomps around. He wrestles. He is agile and he is young and most of all, he can draw.

And (just putting this out there) if he can some way join forces with Samoa Joe and Magnus, then the company has just opened more angles than it can handle and will gladly have to deal with.

Crimson, in my opinion, is the present wrestler who will make this company more powerful in the future.