NBA Trade Deadline: Dwight Howard and One Trade Candidate for Every Team: Part 3

Zac Chow@Z_NBAContributor IIIMarch 13, 2012

NBA Trade Deadline: Dwight Howard and One Trade Candidate for Every Team: Part 3

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    As March 15 edge closer and closer, the rumours around the league intensifies.

    As names of players and teams get thrown around via the help of anonymous sources, fans of every team stares into their monitors in hope of seeing their teams taking a step forward instead of shipping players for draft picks (Or in some cases, the other way around).

    There will be winners and there will be losers. That's what make trades so exciting and interesting to follow. This year should be no exception. 

    This article will cover the last ten teams of the league alphabetically, from Oklahoma City to Washington. The previous 20 teams are covered in my first and second article. 

Oklahoma City Thunder: Kendrick Perkins

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    Why They Should Trade Him

    I believe it is fair to conclude that the trade, which allowed the Thunder to acquire Perkins from Boston for Jeff Green, has been a failure for both teams involved. Serge Ibaka is now the best defender in the team, while Perkins has been remembered more this season by the poster planted on him by Blake Griffin than his defense.

    The Thunder are missing another player who can put double-digit scoring on the board and trading Perkins might just get them that.


    Which Teams Would Be Interested? 

    Boston, and probably only Boston, will be interested in Perk. No one wanted to see Perkins leave, as he was made the warning signal of what was meant to be the start of a rebuilding process. Instead, Rajon Rondo hasn't been traded, Ray Allen hasn't been traded and the Celtics are still in win-now mode. 


    An Example of a Potential Trade 

    Oklahoma City send Perkins to Boston for Brandon Bass and Keyon Dooling. 

    While Bass is not the inside scorer the Thunder are looking for, his mid-range game is very consistent and is an instant upgrade over Perkins on offense. 

    Dooling can act as point guard insurance should Reggie Jackson, knock on wood, follow Eric Maynor into the injury list. 


    Possibility of Player Leaving

    Fortunately, the Thunder are still young enough to be afforded another one or two seasons before going into win-now mode. Therefore, they can wait and see if Ibaka can evolve into the low-post scorer they envision him to be. If so, there absolutely no point for them to trade Perkins. 

Orlando Magic: Dwight Howard

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    Why They Should Trade Him

    Superman is still in the building, but not for long. 

    The sad reality for Orlando is that there is very little chance that Howard would be willing to stay with a supporting cast led by Ryan Anderson and a washed-up Hedo Turkoglu. Even sadder is the fact that the team is built specifically around the dominant big man, leaving very little pieces for Orlando fans to look forward to for the post-Dwight era. 

    That is the part Otis Smith can change. He can trade Dwight now and still get some players with potential back. He has only a few more days to act. 


    Which Teams Would Be Interested? 

    The Lakers' interest in Superman is very well covered, although they are not willing to give up both Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol for the six-time All-Star, leaving the Magic with very few reasons to trade with them.

    New Jersey, meanwhile, remain optimistic that the pairing of Howard and Deron Williams will occur in Brooklyn and not Dallas. However, with Brook Lopez sidelined, the chances on them getting a deal done is slim. 

    Teams such as Golden State have emerged as potential trading partners thanks to their willingness to 'rent' Howard for half a season. However, also due to the fact that Howard is very unlikely to be willing to remain with these teams, the pieces they have offered are mediocre to say the least.  


    An Example of a Potential Trade 

    Orlando trade Howard and Hedo Turkoglu to New Jersey for Mehmet Okur, Shawne Williams, Anthony Morrow, Kris Humphries and Lopez.

    Quite frankly, this is a salary-dumping trade for the Magic which would speed up their inevitable rebuilding process. Other than Morrow, all the other players received by Orlando have expiring contracts and Smith can let all of them leave at the end of the season.

    This is quite similar to the Carmelo Anthony trade last season, except instead of the talented players that Denver received, the Magic gets a chance to get talented players elsewhere, whether it is via free agency or the draft.

    Nets get their man, although as a result they have to take on Turkoglu's contract. Nonetheless, the pairing of Howard and Deron Williams should give the Nets two cornerstones to build around.


    Possibility of Howard Leaving

    I'll repeat: Howard is going to leave no matter what. There is very little chance that Orlando would get better after March 15 and they aren't very good right now. Dwight is either going to Dallas, where he would be playing with Dirk Nowitzki and possibly Deron Williams or he is going to play with the latter in Brooklyn. 

    As mentioned earlier, all Smith can do now is to try and salvage something back for the superstar.

    It all comes down to whether he can accept the fact that Howard is going to leave. 

Philadelphia 76ers: Jodie Meeks

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    Why They Should Trade Him

    For Philadelphia fans, seeing Evan Turner break out in the past week is a huge sigh of relief.

    For Jodie Meeks, it only represented the arrival of the inevitable. He was going to lose his starting spot and possibly even a spot in the rotation.

    With Doug Collins employing a tight rotation, Meeks could very well be forced out of the rotation and with Spencer Hawes' status unclear, Meeks can be used as trade bait for a big man. 


    Which Teams Would Be Interested? 

    Meeks did an average job starting for around 20 minutes per game and teams which need a shooter can use him. 


    An Example of a Potential Trade 

    Philadelphia trades Meeks to Los Angeles Lakers for Troy Murphy.

    Adding Murphy would only solidify the 76ers' strength of rebounding as a group (they are tied for fifth in the league in rebounding).

    Meanwhile, the Lakers acquire Meeks, who is an upgrade instantly over Jason Kapono. 


    Possibility of Meeks Leaving

    With the way Collins coached this team, the likelihood of a trade happening right now is very slim. Even if a trade does happen, look for it to involve Andres Nocioni. 

Phoenix Suns: Robin Lopez

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    Why They Should Trade Him

    If there is any player that fans in Phoenix can look forward to watching after Steve Nash and Grant Hill retire from their illustrious careers, it is Marcin Gortat. 

    Unfortunately, it means that while Lopez is a serviceable center, they are far better off trading him than keeping him to play around 12 minutes per game. 

    While Robin can't score like his brother Brook, he is a far better defender and rebounder than his twin. Once given starter minutes, he can produce. 


    Which Teams Would Be Interested? 

    Defensive centers are hard to come by these days and Golden State are reportedly interested in signing Lopez during the offseason. Phoenix might be able to persuade them into a trade right now to ensure they get something back for the big man.  


    An Example of a Potential Trade 

    Phoenix sends Lopez and Ronnie Price to Milwaukee for Shaun Livingston.

    Scott Skiles love defensive big guys and Lopez would definitely be an upgrade over Larry Sanders and Jon Brockman. Price is also known for his defense and adds depth to the Bucks' roster. 

    On Phoenix's side, Sebastian Telfair is too inconsistent to hold down the point guard spot off the bench and the Suns' trainers adds another player to their collection of "players who have been injured severely but recovered in Phoenix."


    Possibility of Lopez Leaving

    With the Suns on the rise recently, they may choose to keep their rotation intact. If that is the case, Lopez is not going anywhere. However, it is no coincidence that Lopez's minutes have increased as the trade deadline approaches. 

Portland Trail Blazers: Jamal Crawford

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    Why They Should Trade Him

    Crawford joined Portland upon the recommendation of his friend Brandon Roy in the hope of joining a contender.

    Fast forward three months and Roy is retired. Portland, meanwhile, is nowhere near contending after falling into a deep slump. 

    As for Crawford, he is now being asked to be the point guard of the team to cover for the struggling Raymond Felton. Unfortunately, leading the team could very well be the one weakness Crawford has as a combo guard. 

    Crawford's style of play has not blend in well with Nate McMillan's, leaving Crawford the second guard off the bench behind Wesley Matthews. With the former's value decreasing after every game, Portland could very well attempt to trade him before it is too late.


    Which Teams Would Be Interested? 

    The Clippers are reportedly interested, although the returning duo of Eric Bledsoe and Ryan Gomes is unlikely to be enough. Charlotte, a team desperate for points, are also interested and have reportedly offered D.J Augustin. 


    An Example of a Potential Trade

    Portland trade Crawford to Charlotte for Augustin and Eduardo Najera.

    This is a trade that benefits both teams. Portland gets Augustin, who can do what they originally envisioned Felton to do, while Charlotte can look for 15 to 20 points per game from Crawford to make it more bearable to watch their games. Trading Augustin would also free up minutes for rookie Kemba Walker. 


    Possibility of Crawford Leaving

    By March 15, either Felton or Crawford will get traded. Because of his friendlier contract, I look for Crawford to be in a different uniform by the end of the season. 

Sarcamento Kings: J.J. Hickson

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    Why They Should Trade Him

    For whatever reason, Hickson just hasn't panned out with the Kings. He is averaging only 4.9 points per game and is shooting at an awful 37.2 percent from the field.

    Remember, this is the same player who Cleveland refused to trade for Amar'e Stoudemire.

    How times have changed. Now, the Kings are doing anything possible to trade the player.  


    Which Teams Would Be Interested? 

    Despite his poor offensive displays, Hickson has grabbed 5.1 rebounds in only 18.8 minutes per game, showing that he still have potential to become a great player. 

    However, because Hickson will be a restricted free agent this summer, it is unlikely that the Kings would receive players of equal value in return and they may have to accept picks instead.


    An Example of a Potential Trade 

    Sacramento trade Hickson for Philadelphia's trade exception (obtained in Marreese Speights trade)

    This is basically a salary-dumping trade for Sacramento, but Philadelphia has a good coach in Doug Collins who has a history of developing young players. Hickson would have a chance at regaining his form in Philly. 


    Possibility of Hickson Leaving

    Should Hickson be displeased at the fact that he is currently behind Chuck Hayes and Jason Thompson in the rotation and requests a trade, then the chances of him leaving increases significantly. Otherwise, the Kings is content with keeping him till the end of the season. 

San Antonio Spurs: James Anderson

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    Why They Should Trade Him

    Due to Danny Green and Gary Neal's play, Anderson can barely break into the rotation, let alone play major minutes in the near future for the Spurs. His agent has already expressed displeasure and asked the Spurs to trade his client.

    All it takes now is for the Spurs to find the right deal.  


    Which Teams Would Be Interested? 

    Anderson was the Spurs' first-round pick last season and he is very capable of being a terrific scorer. Fortunately, teams are always willing to gamble on players on their rookie contracts, leaving Anderson no shortage of interested teams.


    An Example of a Potential Trade 

    San Antonio trades Anderson to New York for Toney Douglas.

    Due to T.J Ford's sudden retirement, the Spurs need a point guard. The Knicks need to find players who can score without isolation plays. 

    A match made in heaven. 

    Sure, Douglas is not a prototypical point guard, but while his shooting is abysmal this season, he is well-known for being a good defender. That alone will earn him minutes in the Spurs' rotation.


    Possibility of Anderson Leaving

    It is highly likely that as I am typing this article, the Spurs are calling other teams to gauge their interest on the guard from Oklahoma State. Gregg Popovich doesn't like to force players to stay and Anderson should be no exception. 

Toronto Raptors: Jose Calderon

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    Why They Should Trade Him

    The Raptors are in the midst of a long rebuilding journey. The point guard leading the way is 30 years old. 

    Sounds odd, doesn't it? 

    While Calderon is a good point guard, chances are that he would probably be retired when the Raptors make the playoffs again. Therefore, the Raptors should trade him while he is still playing at a high level.


    Which Teams Would Be Interested? 

    Teams that need a point guard, such as Portland and the Lakers, would be interested in the Spanish point guard. The Lakers, in particular, might want to pair Calderon up with Pau Gasol, should the latter not be traded himself. 


    An Example of a Potential Trade 

    Toronto trades Calderon to Portland for Raymond Felton.

    Portland get the point guard they lost when they traded Andre Miller. The Raptors, meanwhile, acquires Felton's expiring contract. 


    Possibility of Calderon Leaving

    I never understood the Raptors front office's thinking and now is not a time where that will change. I look for Raptors to entertain offers for Calderon, but keeping him in the end. 

Utah Jazz: Devin Harris

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    Why They Should Trade Him

    The Jazz have done very well to cope with the loss of Deron Williams, with every position seemingly set. However, they can use an upgrade on the most important position of all. 

    With Harris' play showing very little improvement, the Jazz may choose to look for a better point guard, whether via the draft or free agency. 


    Which Teams Would Be Interested? 

    Unfortunately for Utah, most teams are set on their point guards or already have a better point guard than Harris, making it quite difficult to trade him. 


    An Example of a Potential Trade 

    Utah trade Harris to Minnesota for Michael Beasley and Brad Miller.

    With Ricky Rubio out for the rest of the season, the Timberwolves can't rely on Luke Ridnour alone. Therefore, trading for Harris makes sense as he is a good ball handler and Rick Adelman could be able to energize Harris' play. 

    As for Utah, Gordon Hayward is still very inconsistent at the small forward position and should the Jazz need points, Beasley can provide them very quickly.


    Possibility of Harris Leaving

    Unlikely due to the lack of interested teams. Utah will have to hope that Harris breaks out of this funk. 

Washington Wizards: Andray Blatche

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    Why They Should Trade Him

    Prior to Randy Wittman taking over the team, fans supporting Blatche could argue that despite all the foolish plays the latter make, his statistics makes him a valuable commodity. 

    Now, in a situation where foolish plays can lead to benching, Blatche-backers can no longer support these claims as he is averaging 8.9 points and 6.5 rebounds per game. 

    To make matters worse, he is now behind Trevor Booker in the Wizards' rotation.

    Time to move on. 


    Which Teams Would Be Interested? 

    Trading Blatche alone is a very difficult matter due to the length of his contract (four years). However, the Wizards are rumoured to be adding JaVale McGee to sweeten the deal. While this reeks of desperation, chances are that teams would be interested in McGee enough to take Blatche along. 


    An Example of a Potential Trade 

    Washington trade Blatche, McGee and Nick Young to New Orleans for Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry. 

    The Hornets get a bunch of talent, while the Wizards gain veteran presence in the form of Jack and Landry. Both teams benefit, although putting McGee and Blatche together with head coach Monty Williams could lead to terrible consequences. 


    Possibility of Blatche Leaving

    As long as the Wizards are willing to package anyone other than John Wall to go along with Blatche, then there are going to be teams interested. Otherwise, look for Blatche to be traded for a pick instead.