WWE News: Mick Foley Slams WWE over Eve Storyline

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WWE News: Mick Foley Slams WWE over Eve Storyline
Eve Torres (photo from ohsodivalicious.com)

Over at his official Twitter account, former WWE star Mick Foley has criticised the company in several posts over their on-screen treatment of diva Eve Torres.

In case you've missed Raw or SmackDown recently, long-time babyface Eve turned heel after she sensationally admitted in a backstage segment with the Bella Twins she was toying with the affections of Zack Ryder and John Cena.

She went on to say she was simply using the pair to garner herself money and fame and get everyone talking about her.

In the weeks after this revelation, she has become one of the most-hated women in the company, being heavily booed by fans and viciously berated and embarrassed by several babyfaces on WWE television. 

In the storyline's most offensive skit so far, Eve confronted Cena, who responded by trying to get the crowd to chant "Hoeski" at her and urged the diva not to get too close to him because, in his words, "I'm disease-free and would like to keep it that way."

Eve was reduced to a fallen, weeping wreck from the attack.

Speaking about last Monday's episode of Raw, which saw Ryder confront Eve live on the show and call her "a Hoeski," Foley wrote: "It's important to be able to disagree without being disagreeable. should just say when it comes to using the word ."

He would clarify: "I think can come out of this looking good, but not if he gives into something as cheap and easy as name-calling"

This current angle has also raised some eyebrows in many circles, due to WWE's extensive work with anti-bullying group Be a STAR, with people calling Vince McMahon and company hypocritical for promoting an anti-bullying message but appearing to encourage the mistreatment of women on the company's programming.

This is something that was brought up to Foley by one follower who asked, "how does John Cena accusing Eve of being a skank and of being diseased fit with the Be a Star campaign?"

Foley responded by saying: "Exactly - I wouldn't be so uneasy with the name-calling if not for Be a Star and rising above hate. Mixed message."

He was also asked by one follower if he thought the former Diva Search winner was comfortable with the current angle and responded by saying: "Good question - this "hoeski" thing might follow Eve around for quite a while - which is unfortunate."

While some may be shocked to see him speaking out so harshly against the company (after a tumultuous on-off relationship for several years, Foley and WWE seem to be back on good terms again with him even having a spot in the Royal Rumble), Foley's feelings on this matter are not surprising if one follows his track history.

Foley, who serves as a fundraiser for women's charity group RAINN, split from with TNA last year at least partly due to his unhappiness the degrading language the women in the organization frequently used with each other on episodes of Impact Wrestling.

Foley would tell interviewers he had attempted to convince the bookers in the company to tone down the heated language the women were scripted to say, but his pleas fell on deaf ears.

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