6 Reasons Carlos Condit Should Fight Jake Ellenberger

Matt SaccaroContributor IIIMarch 8, 2012

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UFC interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit needs to fight Jake Ellenberger as soon as possible.

The future of the entire welterweight division is at stake!

If Condit doesn’t fight Ellenberger soon, it’ll impact the careers of several fighters by making them miss out on big contendership matches while they’re in their primes. It’ll also slow the division down, which will mean that there will be less interest in the 170-pound weight class.

This would be detrimental since UFC welterweight champion Georges St.Pierre had fans kicking and screaming that the Canadian was “boring” as well as the fact that the controversial but still popular Nick Diaz has “retired” from MMA competition.

The interim belt needs to be defended for welterweight to actually mean something until GSP comes back. Jake Ellenberger is the perfect man for Condit to face next, and there are several reasons as to why, and also why the belt should be defended period. What are they? Watch and find out!

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