Looking at Chris "Beanie" Wells' Future

The One You FearCorrespondent IJanuary 11, 2009

As you all know, Chris Wells announced that he is going into the '09 NFL Draft and going to miss his senior year. I wasn't surprised when he announced that because I think he is ready for the NFL! He was an outstanding RB for the Buckeyes. His career stats were big, and I mean big—here are his stats.

He had 585 attempts, ran for 3,382 yards, and had 30 touchdowns.

His best season was 2007, having 274 attempts, 1,609 rushing yards, averaging 5.9 per carry, and getting 15 touchdowns! Now that's impressive. He had zero fumbles in all of his seasons and received for an average of about six yards per catch, but he only received 15 passes for all of his three seasons with the Buckeyes.

By seeing these results, you can see that he can be a very, very good RB for the NFL. I don't know about you, but I think he will be in the first five overall picks in the draft. If not (which is a very low chance), he is definitely going to be a top 10 overall draft pick.

I'm thinking that these are teams that would draft Chris Wells: Detroit Lions, Seattle Seahawks, Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Cincinnati Bengals.

Those were my opinions, and if you agree with me, then that's great! If not, then that means you have different opinions.

If he does get drafted to those teams, I think they will pay him big bucks because they wouldn't want to lose him after one or two seasons. I also think that he would become a starter for the team, not like Darren McFadden (he is a backup for the Raiders).

Well, this is all I think will happen to Chris Wells in the future.

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