Watch: Denver Nuggets' Danilo Gallinari Get Dunked on While Hanging on the Rim

Mick Akers@@mickakersAnalyst IMarch 8, 2012

Denver Nuggets forward Danilo Gallinari tried an interesting defensive tactic while trying to break up a fast-break play between Cleveland Cavaliers standout rookie Kyrie Irving, and Cavs forward Alonzo Gee—he hung on the rim.

As Irving and Gee sped up the court, Gallinari apparently lost track of the Cavs duo and jumped up and ended up hanging on the rim.

A hanging Gallinari didn't stop Gee from delivering one of the strangest poster-worthy dunks that the NBA has ever seen.

Although Gee easily made the dunk, Gallinari was still called for goaltending on the play, adding that much more shame on Gallinari's shoulders.

The play is the strangest play so far in the 2011-12 NBA season, and one of the strangest in recent memory as well.

In his second year in the NBA, Gee is putting up 10 points and four rebounds per game this year, but definitely is not a household name as his running mate, Irving, is.

Gee's mostly unknown status among fans hasn't stopped him from delivering quite a few spectacular dunks this season. But none are as memorable (or laughable) as the one he threw down Wednesday night.

In the end, the Cavs also had the last laugh, when Irving hit a last-second, game-winning shot to seal a rare 100-99 Cavs win.