The Sorry State of Big-Time Sports 2008

Steve Zawrotny, MS, CSCSContributor IFebruary 25, 2008

1) So much for role models:

NFL - Bill Belichik and "Spygate," PEDs.

NBA - Referee Tim Donaghy's gambling.

MLB - PEDs, Mitchell Report, etc.

NHL - Gambling by Phoenix Coyote's assistant coach Rick Tocchet & Head Coach Wayne Gretzky's wife, Janet Jones and others.

Cycling - What can you say about this "sport?" A complete joke.

Tennis - ATP Tour gambling.

NCAA basketball - Indiana U's head coach Kelvin Sampson and his repeated recruiting violations. If the latest allegations prove to be true, he wins my contest for dumbest coach in the history of sports.

2) I am seeing discussion about how Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte are getting some kind of "pass" with the press, while Barry Bonds has been vilified for years. Similarities: all three are PED users, admitted or not.

A difference: race.

More differences: Bonds has been a jerk for years. What goes around, comes around, PEDs aside. It's the Law of the Universe. Clemens was a Texas good ol' boy for years, so he had some equity in his public relations "account." After his recent showings, it's all gone. If he continues his present course, he'll end up as reviled as Bonds.

Pettitte has handled himself entirely differently. Hence his lighter treatment at the hands of the press compared to both Bonds and Clemens.