It's Time for Al Davis to Do Something Different: Draft Wisely

Corey GrinnerContributor IJanuary 11, 2009

I know we all are wanting to go with the flashy pick with our No. 7, but lets step back take a deep breath and see whats really best for the franchise not a quick fix. 

In my humble opinion and thats what it is just my opinion I know this isn't Al's way of doing things but has anyone considered trading down getting more picks to add to the team's overall talent level. 

QB we are set maybe bring in a veteran back-up and a good QB coach to continue his development. 

HB set we have three capable starters as well as a practice team player that is pretty good.

Now let's think draft if we trade down pick up more picks the receiver position is loaded we can get a receiver later in the draft like with our second pick. Let's take the best available lineman in the first round be it offensive or defensive once we trade down. Next take our receiver then we can take the lineman we didn't get on the opposite side of the ball or the best middle linebacker available and move our current MLB to his more natural position and this will help both with the run and past defense from that position.

In the later rounds maybe another receiver, blocking tight end, or lineman—can never have to many good linemen.  The blocking tight end will help to free up Miller to get out in pass routes more often. 

We must get younger and more athletic on the offense and defensive lines Henderson played well and he is a very atheletic so let's just not go crazy and draft a LT because everyone says we should lets help the lines from cent to the rightside because i think our leftside has potential with the way we finished the last two games. 

Let's spend time with evaluation of players onfield abilities and off field lack of problems instead of their 40 time. Can we for once look at production on the field and not measurables off of it and have a draft that can help to move us back into the playoffs and not the basement of the AFC.