The 100 Hottest Sports WAGs Ever

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIMarch 9, 2012

The 100 Hottest Sports WAGs Ever

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    It's been said that the sports world features world-class athletes, eccentric coaches and barbaric fans...but we beg to differ.

    While professional athletes are battling for recognition, clawing for a chance at greatness, their wives and girlfriends are seductively engaging the spotlight. 

    So maybe in the old days the athletic realm was focused mostly on players and teams, but with the advancement of technology, these WAGs have taken to the almighty photo shoot, and have yet to look back.

    Let's take a look at the hottest WAGs ever, the women who left their men in the shadows.

    Beauty over ability.

100. Izabel Goulart

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    Brazilian model Izabel Goulart was once known as the girlfriend of footballer Diniyar Bilyaletdinov, but what really intrigues us is her love of immature facial hair.

    We didn't realize a 12-year-old mustache was the key to a woman's heart.

99. Fabiana Semprebom

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    Tennis player Guillermo Canas shows us how to truly improve your forehand shot.

98. Yesica Toscanini

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    Footballer Juan Roman Riquelme must've bought his girlfriend a hot dog on the first date, obviously the key to any woman's heart.

97. Veronica Varekova

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    She was once known as the wife of NHL star Petr Nedved, before they naturally split.

    But that didn't stop Veronica Varekova from completing her quest, as she would go on to star in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue eight times...yes eight.

96. Jamie Kotsay

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    While known as an outfielder, Mark Kotsay was also a closer at Cal State Fullerton.

    Once a closer...

95. Sthefany Brito

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    After a 10-month marriage to footballer Alexandre Pato, she may want to stick to acting.

94. Jessica Simpson

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    Once a jinx in Dallas, Jessica Simpson has now found a comforting lifestyle with former tight end Eric Johnson, her new husband and the father of her incoming baby.

    We remember her beautiful days as a mediocre singer.

93. Lisa Guerrero

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    It was only after she married former pitcher Scott Erickson in 2004 that we truly believed Lisa Guerrero was "the hardest working sports reporter."

    Although sparking a moist cigar doesn't hurt her case.

92. Malena Costa

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    Long-hair-don't-care footballer Carlos Puyol scored the goal of his life with model Malena Costa.

    Perhaps it was his stellar perms that tickled her fancy.

    Either way, she seems here to stay.

91. Oksana Wilhelmsson

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    Crafty Swedish footballer Christian Wilhelmsson gained plenty of respect after marrying this breathtaking model.

    A newborn daughter cemented her spot in the sports world for good.

90. Francesca Lodo

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    Francesca Lodo meets footballer Francesco couldn't be more perfect.

89. Jennifer Ellison

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    We'll have what footballer Steven Gerrard is having.

88. Kendra Wilkinson

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    It's safe to label Hank Baskett's wife the bredwinner in her family.

87. Elena Barolo

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    She may have been linked to footballer Pippo Inzaghi, but it was Italian showgirl Elena Barolo's sweaty potential that has the sports world gossiping.

86. Jessica Bratich

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    While linked to Aussie cricketer Mitchell Johnson, Jessica Bratich's status as former Karate champion makes her most intriguing.

    And threatening.

85. Alyssa Milano

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    Brad Penny, Carl Pavano, Barry Zito, Russell Martin, Tom Glavine...getting her feet wet in the baseball world is an understatement.

84. Melanie Collins

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    Dating this sexy reporter may be NHLer Scottie Upshall's best publicity move yet.

83. Karolina Kurkova

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    Having dated Wladimir Klitschko is sure to get you enough recognition...this is just madness.

82. Jennie Finch

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    Now that she's retired from softball, Jennie Finch can properly teach husband Casey Daigle how to pitch.

    Then comes grooming their humorously-named kids (Ace and Diesel) for the Majors.

81. Jennifer Walcott

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    From 200-pound bruisers to glamour models, Adam Archuleta must be enjoying life away from football with wife Jennifer Walcott.

80. Jordan Fish

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    Must be hard for Denny Hamlin to focus on turns with his Bobcats cheerleader girlfriend perusing the stands.

79. Anna Burns

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    Wes Welker may have proposed to fiance and former Miss Hooters International Anna Burns a week too soon.

78. Erica Ellyson

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    This former Penthouse Pet of the Month took a break from the high-flying lifestyle of her softcore career when she dated pitcher Clay Buchholz.

    Clearly a pallet cleanser for the both of them.

77. Lauren Pope

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    A relationship with footballer Shaun Wright-Phillips may have opened doors, but glamour model Lauren Pope's disc jockey skills had the world truly salivating.

    And her deadly stare.

76. Mariah Carey

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    It's been said that "Nick Cannon is hilarious," but we beg to differ. Mariah Carey would have been better off with Derek Jeter, even Eminem.

    Love Don't Cost a Thing.

75. Melissa Molinaro

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    At least Reggie Bush did something right as a professional running back in dating this sexy pop singer.

74. Gabrielle Reece

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    Hitting balls over nets seemingly got boring, so Gabrielle Reece married big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton in 1997.

    No more mundane week days for these beach dwellers, as they now have two kids and raise Hamilton's daughter from a previous marriage.

73. Maria Kirilenko

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    Alexander Ovechkin's rapping prowess must've persuaded this tennis beauty to give him a shot, and they're still going strong.

72. Elin Nordegren

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    Some might feel bad for Elin Nordegren because of what she went through with Tiger Woods and his numerous conquests, preceding a messy divorce.

    But her bank account may feel differently.

71. Nicole Scherzinger

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    311 singer Nick Hexum, reality star Talan Torriero, British Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton. While only the latter one earns this Pussycat Doll a spot in the WAG world, all three display her widespread search for Prince Charming.

    Covering every crevice before finding the one, the legend, Lewis Hamilton.

70. Bridgette Wilson

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    That Veronica Vaughn is...still married to Pete Sampras, who is clearly the King of Swing away from the court as well.

69. Elsa Benitez

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    This Mexican model seems determined to fully conquer the sports world. She married former NBA player Rony Seikaly, was on the cover of the 2001 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and tosses pictorials like this around the web.

    Truly impressive.

68. Aleka Kamila

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    Shooting three-pointers like Peja Stojakovic is sure to get you a Greek model wife of your own.

    Their two children were surely draining threes in the womb.

67. Rosaria Cannavo

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    There's a reason footballer Christian Panucci's former WAG has been called the "backbone" of Italian television.

66. Emily Kuchar

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    Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, Miss Daytona Beach USA 2008, wife of pitcher Zack Greinke...a World Series ring away from greatness.

65. Heather Mitts

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    It's easy for A.J. Feeley to warm the Rams bench when he has this soccer superstar wife to come home to.

64. Marikym Hervieux

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    Catcher Russell Martin will gladly stay on his knees all day if he gets to come home to this every night.

63. Sylvie Van Der Vaart

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    Rafael van der Vaart's wife is the sexiest thing that's ever happened to the Premier League.

62. Coleen Rooney

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    Comedy is clearly the ultimate aphrodisiac.

    After Wayne Rooney took his girlfriend to see Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me on their first date as innocent teenagers, marriage was imminent.

    Coleen continues to be her man's better half.

61. Dominique Piek

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    Something about crafty veteran pitchers has women going wild, and C.J. Wilson's effect on model Dominique Peak is clearly no different.

    Quite the lethal heater.

60. Imogen Thomas

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    Such seduction, such intimidation, Imogen Thomas is quickly conquering the sports world.

    Polo player Jamie Morrisson and footballers Matthew Collins, Nery Castillo and Jermain Defoe...we doubt she's finished WAGing around.

59. Jaime Edmondson

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    Right before the start of this year's spring training, third baseman Evan Longoria had already hit a bomb in securing new girlfriend Jaime Edmondson.

    Adding a former Playboy Playmate to any lineup is an instant improvement.

58. Carrie Underwood

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    Tony Romo to Mike Fisher...solid transition for the stunning country singer, who is now married Fisher.

57. Lisa Dergan Podsednik

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    301 stolen bases in Scott Podsednik's career, none more historic than former Playmate and current wife Lisa Dergan Podsednik.

56. Hayden Panettiere

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    After dating heavyweight boxer Wladimir Klitschko for several years, Hayden Panettiere moved on to the less-intimidating Scotty McKnight, a receiver with the Jets.

    She was always destined for the sports world, since her days as obnoxious pre-teen Sheryl Yoast in Remember the Titans.

55. Jessie James

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    The Broncos had quite a run this year, with magical comebacks and sexy additions.

    None better than singer Jessie James, who makes receiver Eric Decker's nights that much better.

54. Kim Kardashian

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    Miles Austin, Reggie Bush, Kris Humphries...perhaps Kim should try a different field, and we don't mean a new attempt at the music industry (cough...Ray J...cough).

53. Eliza Dushku

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    Once a hottie doubling as an actress, Eliza Dushku now resides with beau Rick Fox.

    Quite the famous, yet unaccomplished couple.

52. Alena Seredova

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    This Czech model has never shied from the camera during her tenure as the wife of Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon.

    Just another day in the life of a European WAG.

51. Gabrielle Union

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    After taking her talents to the South Beach amid a homewrecking fiasco with Dwyane Wade's ex wife, Gabrielle Union immediately began heating up the sports world.

    She has yet to cool off as a Miami Heat girlfriend.

50. Gisele Bundchen

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    Not for one moment did we believe Gisele Bundchen was helping husband Tom Brady and his pack of butter-fingered receivers with pics like this.

    But we're thankful.

49. Wendy Foster

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    The 2010 Hooters Girl of the Year winner who has been linked to MMA fighter Matt Hamill, Wendy Foster is quite the dynamic beauty.

    Fosters, Australian for sexy.

48. Heidi Klum

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    While we thank Formula One Manager Flavio Briatore for having once dated Heidi Klum, we're a bit baffled as to the appeal.

    Ignorance is bliss.

47. Vida Guerra

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    From Derek Jeter to Jeremy Shockey, Cuban model Vida Guerra has clearly covered both ends of the spectrum.

46. Brooke Shields

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    She and Andre Agassi made quite the long-haired tandem during their marriage.

45. Rachael Cordingley

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    If foul-mouthed hotties are your thing, then glamour model Rachael Cordingley is the pick.

    She's never afraid to run her trap at any of boyfriend Carl Froch's boxing matches. 

44. Danielle Lloyd

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    Now that she's settled down with footballer Jamie O'Hara, former Miss England model Danielle Lloyd can comfortably look back on a beautiful career in front of the camera.

    Although her kids should avoid the Internet at all costs.

43. Elisha Cuthbert

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    Sure she was called "sloppy seconds" by ex-boyfriend Sean Avery, but that didn't scare Elisha Cuthbert away from continuing her exploration of the NHL world.

    New boyfriend Dion Phaneuf couldn't keep his hands off The Girl Next Door.

42. Madonna

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    There was a time when this musical aged prune ruled the world of beauty, dominated the realm of fame.

    But Alex Rodriguez may have caught her on the decline when he dipped his feet in.

41. Larisa Fraser

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    For those who believe Ryan Braun's MVP season was the result of performance-enhancing juices, think again.

    Model girlfriend Larisa Fraser seems like the more plausible reason.

40. Carrie Prejean

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    Since being the 19th pick of the first round in 2003, Kyle Boller's career had been essentially mediocre.

    Until he married former Miss California USA 2009 Carrie Prejean.

    The Raiders bench is extra warm these days.

39. Carmen Electra

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    Even this former Baywatch hottie couldn't keep her hands off Dennis Rodman's colorful 'fro, marrying the baller in November of 1998.

    The happy couple was done by April of 1999.

38. Gemma Atkinson

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    Few attack the camera with as much aggression as the former fiance of footballer Marcus Bent.

    Her memorable first name and scintillating stare have permanently cemented Gemma Atkinson in the sports world.

37. Anna Kournikova

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    Established model first, tennis player second...we often forget Anna Kournikova's days as a youthful WAG and upcoming beauty.

    After relationships with Russian hockey stars Pavel Bure and Sergei Federov, Kournikova decided she'd had enough of the sports world.

    Enrique Iglesias certainly offered an "Escape".

36. Nani Gaitan

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    Spanish defender Sergio Ramos may be solid on the field, but he's deadly away from it.

    His former WAG is crawling into the hearts of fans around the world with her seductive nature.

35. Sarah Brandner

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    There was a time when Sarah Brandner was just the innocent, yet gorgeous girlfriend of footballer Bastian Schweinsteiger, often spotted in the crowd with a wheat beer and concerned smile.

    Now that she's still with her beau, Brandner has seemingly decided to dominate the WAG world with a dark and ominous approach that reeks of seduction.

34. Naomi Campbell

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    Another model who dated Formula One honcho Flavio Briatore (money always talks), Naomi Campbell even took a dive with Iron Mike Tyson in the late 80s.

    While always breathtaking, her decision making must be questioned.

33. Scarlett Johansson

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    Another notch on the old belt for Pinstripes captain Derek Jeter.

    Hopefully she got a signed ball on the way out.

32. Selita Ebanks

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    Perhaps this Victoria's Secret Angel should've stuck around with Osi Umenyiora a little longer.

    That Super Bowl ring would look perfect with that lingerie.

31. Keeley Hazell

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    She's been featured in Nuts, Zoo, Loaded, Maxim and can even be seen in Playboy...there's not much else that Joe Cole's supposed ex girlfriend can do to prove she likes to party.

    Oh yeah, she can actually throw one hell of a rager.

30. Federica Ridolfi

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    Reeking of class and confidence, Federica Ridolfi always produces masterpieces.

    Footballer Giuliano Giannichedda continues to be the lucky recipient of her devotion.

29. Cheryl Cole

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    Footballer Ashley Cole and Tony Parker should probably hit the bars together, as they're both equally useless with wives.

    Cole's ex wife has yet to lose her sexy edge.

28. Eva Longoria

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    Speeeeeaking of which...we're desperate for the return of this former NBA housewife.

    It's hard to say Tony Parker without smashing large pottery.

27. Sara Carbonero

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    With magnetic eyes and a flair for the dramatic, Spanish sports reporter Sara Carbonero must feel confident that she can engage viewers without a photo shoot.

    She undoubtedly can't help distracting goalkeeper boyfriend Iker Casillas in pressure situations.

26. Carmella Decesare

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    Jeff Garcia may never have made a lasting impact with his play on the gridiron, but he sure did with his moves away from it in marrying this model.

25. Vanessa Williams

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    Like a fine wine, Rick Fox's ex-wife gets better with age.

    But Vanessa Williams was a stunner to begin with.

24. Melissa Satta

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    Since ending her five-year relationship with former Italian footballer Christian Vieri, Italian beauty Melissa Satta has been dating footballer Kevin-Prince Boateng. 

    Too seductive for one man to handle.

23. Cameron Diaz

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    There was always something about Mary, but we just didn't realize it was the desire to be a WAG.

    Thank you Alex Rodriguez for uncovering the truth...that Cameron Diaz is eager to defeat Kate Hudson.

    Class, class, class.

22. Meagan Good

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    Like her former NFL beau Thomas Jones, Meagan Good was a quiet, yet solid addition to the WAG world. Until she was seen cuddling up on Wiz Khalifa's clone, Tyga.

    These girls are all about young money.

21. Kelly Brook

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    We give former Scottish rugby player Thom Evans plenty of props for bagging Jason Statham's ex girlfriend (of seven years).

    She's transporting all over our minds.

20. Ana Ivanovic

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    With her stoic, yet subtle smile and aggressive forehand on the tennis court, Ana Ivanovic has continued to attract viewers from around the world.

    While we're not pleased she's off the market with golfer Adam Scott, at least we have another chance to enjoy her beauty.

19. Sabrina Maserati

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    Perhaps the sexiest girlfriend currently gracing the hardwood, Sabrina Maserati is easily Blake Griffin's most monstrous dunk yet.

    She's certainly shatters backboards.

18. Diana Roberts

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    While we'd usually run from someone holding water balloons, this seems like a can't-miss opportunity.

    Second baseman Brian Roberts' wife seems eager to enhance the game of baseball.

17. Laura Cover

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    A memorable walk-off home run in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS and a scintillating wife in Playboy Playmate Laura Cover, quite the legacy left by Aaron Boone.

    But he can't possibly enjoy searching for her on Google.

16. Giorgia Palmas

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    Footballer Christian Vieri's former girlfriend is now making David Bombardini the lucky athletic recipient of her love.

    The sexy showgirl is another solid reason to watch Italian television.

15. Sara Tommasi

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    Rarely do we see such an exotic flavor on the WAG scene, but Italian model Sara Tommasi has that unique flair for the dramatic that can't ignore.

    And we thank Mario Balotelli for the "intense" relationship.

14. Brooklyn Decker

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    Rather than seeing a Buddhist monk, violent tennis star Andy Roddick decided to marry a supermodel.

    Brooklyn Decker can always sedate her ill-tempered husband.

13. Hope Dworaczyk

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    The 2010 Playmate of the Year had a taste of the athletic world when she dated Jason Kidd.

    Having a baby with him carved her name in sports lore permanently.

12. Marisa Miller

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    Dale Earnhardt once did laps through this swimsuit model's heart.

    And we hate him for it.

11. Jessica Biel

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    From Derek Jeter to Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel is Texas Chainsawing all fields of play.

10. Luli Fernandez

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    Sure she's been with Fernando Gago and Pablo Mouche, but it's her exotic nature that has us curious to learn more. 

    We eventually learn about two love triangles too many.

9. Minka Kelly

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    Once the sexiest Pinstripe in New York.

8. Irina Shayk

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    Having run through more conquests than he has beads of grass, few fans expected footballer Cristiano Ronaldo to ever settle down.

    It seems he's finally found a keeper in illustrious model Irina Shayk.

7. Noemie Lenoir

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    After having a kid with uniquely-named footballer Claude Makélélé, French model Noemie Lenoir cemented her name permanently in the sports world.

    Like her regal Kodak companion, Lenoir is quite the graceful creature.

6. Maggie Q

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    After dating legendary footballer Hidetoshi Nakata, it was clear actress Maggie Q was headed for greatness.

    From television series Nikita to comical film Balls of Fury, her performances are rarely stellar but always memorable.

5. Adriana Lima

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    Possibly the sexiest model on the planet, Adriana Lima proves to us that love is blind.

    Or maybe husband and former NBA journeyman Marko Jaric is just really hilarious.

4. Marilyn Monroe

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    Joe Dimaggio taught us that everyone likes it hot, if only for 274 days.

    A classic beauty and iconic celebrity, Marilyn Monroe remains a legend.

3. Jessica Alba

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    It may have been brief, but Jessica Alba's time in the sports world was quite memorable.

    Derek Jeter's most crucial error was letting her go.

2. Abbey Clancy

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    Never any love for Peter Crouch on this side of the world. But for his wife Abbey Clancy, perhaps a little bit.

1. Halle Berry

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    She's been arguably the sexiest woman walking the Earth for many years now, but only recently have we stopped to appreciate Halle Berry as the former wife of retired outfielder David Justice.

    Her sweet flavor never dwindles.