NBA Game-Winners: A Breakdown of All the Game-Winners from Last Night

Aliyaho PearceContributor IIMarch 8, 2012

Last night featured a whirlwind of action. We could call it March Madness, but that's probably trademarked, so we'll call it NBA regular season basketball instead.

Thirteen games were played last night, and four of them went down to the wire. All four late finishes ended in spectacular fashion. Here is a breakdown of how it all went down:

First, we go to Milwaukee where the Bucks were giving the Chicago Bulls all they could handle. The Bulls double-teamed Brandon Jennings for large portions of the game, leading to both Ersan Ilyasova and Drew Gooden having career nights. The game was tied with the clock winding down, and then this happened.

Shortly after that we headed to New Jersey of all places, where the Los Angeles Clippers played the Nets. This was one of those rare nights that Deron Williams decided he would actually play, since draft class rival Chris Paul was in town.

The game remained close for its entirety, featuring some physical battles between Blake Griffin and shamed reality TV star Kris Humphries. So with mere seconds remaining and the Nets down two, former Laker and NBA champion Jordan Farmar does this.

Not long after that, up in the snowy mountains of Colorado, the Denver Nuggets played host to the Cleveland Cavaliers. This was to be a showcasing of the NBA's next great point guards in Ty Lawson and Kyrie Irving. Both Lawson and Irving have hit big shots this season; in fact, Kyrie has hit three game-winners prior to last night.

As the Cavaliers inbounded the ball from their own baseline with 15 seconds remaining in the game, this happened.

And finally, off to California, where the New Orleans Hornets were in Sacramento to face the Kings. Both teams are in transitional phases. The Kings only recently secured a new stadium deal, ensuring that they would stay in Sacramento; while the Hornets are presently a team for sale, and their fate rests solely upon the wishes of the billionaire who buys them.

At any rate, this game was ultimately decided by the defensive efforts of recent stand-out point guard Isaiah Thomas who steals the ball and does this.

So there you have it. Thirteen games, four game-winners. Quality basketball. One hell of an NBA night.

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