Chelsea Transfers: 6 Midfielders Who Will Be on Roman Abramovich's Wish List

Dan Renfro@danrenfroCorrespondent IIIMarch 8, 2012

Chelsea Transfers: 6 Midfielders Who Will Be on Roman Abramovich's Wish List

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    Chelsea's biggest problem right now is the lack of a creative midfielder.

    With Roman Abramovich funding the club, the Blues always have the chance to buy a solution to the problem. Sometimes, the solutions don't work out, but that doesn't discourage anyone from planning.

    Chelsea will be looking at a lot of different midfielders this summer, but they will probably be looking for a good bargain. Correctly weighing skill, age, potential and price will determine whether or not Chelsea make the right move.

    Since it's March and we are pretty far removed from either transfer window, I thought I would make a wish list for Chelsea's summer. There are no rumours, just ideas.

    Here are six midfielders that Abramovich (and whomever he appoints manager) should consider bringing it. At the very least, one of these guys should be in the center of Chelsea's midfield by next season.

Mario Gotze, Borussia Dortmund

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    Mario Gotze is one of the best young midfielders in the world.

    As an 18-year-old, he helped Borussia Dortmund win the Bundesliga title. Now, as he closes in on his 20th birthday, Gotze is transforming into a full-blown superstar.

    Germany has an excess of young talent right now, and Gotze is the perfect example. He can do anything you could ever ask of a central midfielder, which is why Chelsea need to think about bringing him in.

    The Blues tossed his name around in January, but they didn't bring him in. In the summer, however, I think they will be willing to fit the bill, even if his price climbs to £40 million.

Eden Hazard, Lille

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    Eden Hazard is one of the most hyped young talents in the world.

    He can do just about anything in the attack. He can dribble, pass and shoot with ease. Many consider him a once-in-a-generation talent, and Chelsea don't want to miss out on that.

    Even though his price tag will be between £40-50 million, a lot of pundits think Hazard would be worth the money. He has been extremely impressive at Lille, and he has continued to refine his game.

    Hazard will be a great player. However, I don't think he should be at the top of Chelsea's wish list. He will be incredibly expensive, and the Blues could potentially get two solid players for the price of Hazard.

    Hazard may be a great player, but that doesn't mean he truly warrants the £50 million asking price.

Luka Modric, Tottenham Hotspur

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    If Chelsea would've stolen Luka Modric at the end of August, this would have been a completely different season for the Blues and for Spurs.

    The Tottenham Hotspur star has been the engine for their counter-attacking monster, and Chelsea have desperately needed exactly that type of player.

    Even though he seems happy at Spurs, Modric seemed keen on traveling across London last summer. Spurs were playing so well so they were obviously not selling Modric in January.

    When this summer comes around, however, Spurs could be in the selling mood once again. Modric has had a great season, and he would totally be worth £30-40 million, depending on what the actual asking price is.

    The Croatian international was partial to Chelsea last summer. If he is again, he might actually make the move to become a Blue.

Lucas Moura, San Paolo

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    Lucas Moura is another Brazilian maestro.

    He is an incredible talent, and Chelsea nearly locked him up in January. Unfortunately, his giant buyout clause brought up some issues for the Blues. With the summer just around the corner, a transfer is more likely.

    Moura is quick with the ball, and he is one of the most, if the not the most, creative 19-year-old in the world. Because of his youth and style, it might take him a little while to adjust to the Premier League's style.

    However, given the right coaching and mentoring, Moura could easily become one of the most dynamic midfielders in the EPL.

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Joao Moutinho, Porto

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    Even though a lot of people around Chelsea want to completely forget about Andre Villas-Boas, bringing in at least one of his old players wouldn't be the worst thing.

    Joao Moutinho was an integral part of Villas-Boas' success at Porto. If Moutinho comes to Chelsea, he could play an integral part in the Blues' success.

    He can play any of the midfield positions, but he is at his best when he is distributing the ball. He has the ability to finish, but he seems more comfortable simply getting ball out wide and playing it to support.

    Moutinho is a refined player, and he would bring Chelsea some creativity as well as experience. He may not be at the top of Chelsea's list, but he could definitely come in and play a significant role as Chelsea try to reclaim the Premier League title.

Wesley Sneijder, Inter

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    There have been talks about Wesley Sneijder coming to England for ages.

    This summer, it could finally happen.

    Sneijder is a small, quick, powerful midfielder who creates chances at will. He always seems to make the right pass, and he always knows whether to play direct or wide.

    His decision making is second to none, and his foot skills are among the best in the world. Sneijder has had a successful career, considering he's won every major trophy at the club level.

    If he comes to England and is successful, he would easily go down as one of the greatest players of all time. Sneijder is a great talent, and he knows how to help his team win.

    Chelsea need a calming, dangerous presence in the midfield. There is no reason to look further than Sneijder.