Miami Dolphins: Peyton Manning and Other Quarterback Options

Craig HortonCorrespondent IMarch 7, 2012

Will we see anymore of Matt Moore in Miami?
Will we see anymore of Matt Moore in Miami?Winslow Townson/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins are at a critical crossroads in their history.

A team that spent nearly three decades as a model of stability, has spent the last decade searching for answers. Joe Philbin will be the seventh head coach since Don Shula left in 1995.

Thirteen years after he retired, the Dolphins still haven't replaced Dan Marino. This brings us to the current situation. Who will quarterback the Dolphins in 2012?

The Dolphins can choose from among several options.

If management feels that the current roster is playoff worthy, do they bring in a veteran to get them over the top? Would a rookie quarterback, who could become a franchise cornerstone, be what they need? Will they go after this year's hot backup? Or will they build around their current starter?

Here are four options.


Matt Moore

Moore is the incumbent who started 12 games last year, posting a 6-6 record. Among the six losses was an overtime loss to Denver, a last play loss to Dallas and the Giants beat them by a field goal by scoring 10 points in the final quarter.

It must also be noted though, that none of their wins were against teams above .500.

Moore might be considered more of a game manager. The Dolphins ran a balanced, conservative offense in 2011. Though he ranked 12th in rating with a respectable 87.1, his 192 passing yards per game was 29th.


Matt Flynn

This year's hot backup, Flynn has watched Aaron Rodgers his entire career. He is familiar with Joe Philbin and his system, but he's only started two NFL games.

Is he ready to be a full-time NFL starter? If his price tag is raised by others, will he be worth what the Dolphins will have to pay?


Robert Griffin III

In recent years, several rookie head coaches have drafted a rookie quarterback to build the franchise on. Atlanta did it with Mike Smith and Matt Ryan, Baltimore did it with John Harbaugh and Joe Flacco and last year Carolina did it with Ron Rivera and Cam Newton. There have been others with varying degrees of success.

If the Dolphins want to build for the future this could be their best option.

However, this is probably unlikely as the Dolphins would have to trade up in the draft to have the opportunity to draft Griffin. If they are going to make a change though, why not set the team up for the long-term?


Peyton Manning

He would definitely be a better option for 2012 than any of these—if he's healthy.

That's the $64 million question: Will he be healthy enough to play at a high level in 2012?

There will be a bidding war for his services, so the Dolphins will have to pay a steep price.

If it results in a Super Bowl win though, he will be worth every penny.