Tennessee-Memphis: Vols Top the Polls...But Can It Last?

Danny ShepherdContributor IFebruary 25, 2008

What a game. 

The intensity level was superb.  The scrappiness of the Vols was definitely evidenced.  The performances of individuals was a pleasure to watch. 

Tyler Smith proved himself once again.  J.P.Prince was fantastic off the bench.  JuJuan Smith started the team on the right foot with his 3 3-pointers early. 

Chism surprised a few (including himself at one point) with the 3-point shot, but it was the rebounding that really shocked everyone, including Memphis.

There were obvious things going on that most basketball aficionados surely noticed :

The free throw shooting obviously could have been better. 

The defense on Lofton was great. 

The speed in transition of both teams was a joy to watch. 

The refereeing was very good. 

The loud-mouth color commentator was annoying as usual.

Now, can Tennessee stay focused enough to play Vanderbilt and keep that ranking for more than one week?  The intensity will have to be there on offense and defense.  Vanderbilt is a good rival and would love nothing better than to knock off the Vols. 

I'll be watching and pulling for the Vols, but my nerves will be on edge before it starts and until it is over.

Keep up the intensity.