WWE SmackDown Preview: Big Johnny Takes Charge, a Steel Cage, Kane and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IMarch 9, 2012


The Road to WrestleMania continues as a new episode of Friday Night SmackDown approaches.

With the general managers swapping their responsibilities, Mr. Excitement takes charge, and that should make the show very interesting.

Despite not much being announced for the show as of this writing, here are a few things to consider going into SmackDown.

John Laurinaitis is in Charge: What Does He Have in Store for SmackDown Fans?

The war for sole general manager began at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view when Raw general manager John Laurinaitis declared that SmackDown general manager Teddy Long was unfit for duty.

He wanted to be in charge of both brands and thought that the board of directors needed to take action.

As the weeks passed, both general managers would argue constantly about various things such as how each show should be run.

The board of directors then decided that this week Teddy would be in charge of Raw and Laurinaitis would take charge of SmackDown.

This past Monday on Raw, Teddy Long ran quite the show, which saw another confrontation between the Rock and John Cena, Shawn Michaels announced as the special referee for Hell in a Cell and a new United States champion.

John Laurinaitis must do something big to top Teddy’s Raw.

What will Mr. Excitement do to make SmackDown better than Raw? Will he go through with the match he announced last week, Kane vs. Aksana?

Drew McIntyre is Fired: What’s Next for the Scottish Superstar?

Drew McIntyre returned to SmackDown at the end of last year and has been on the losing streak of a lifetime.

Teddy Long felt that McIntyre wasn’t worth the money he was getting paid, so he put his job in jeopardy during every match. If he won, then his job was safe, but if he lost then he could be fired.

Every match Teddy Long placed McIntyre in he would lose and the general manager would give him another chance.

The Scottish superstar received one more chance last week in a match with Justin Gabriel. McIntyre would lose the match and then promptly be fired.

Teddy Long has fired him before and has always given him another chance, but this seems like the real deal.

Will Drew McIntyre head to Monday Night Raw? Will John Laurinaitis stick it to Teddy Long and give him another chance?

The Viper vs. The Monster: What’s Next for Randy Orton and Kane?

When Kane returned he went directly for the face of the WWE, John Cena. He wanted him to get Cena to embrace the hate that he receives from the majority of the WWE Universe, and he almost won.

Super Cena emerged, though, and defeated the Big Red Monster.

Kane would return last Monday looking for new competition, but didn’t find any in the three tag-teams he dismantled. He found some on SmackDown, though, as Randy Orton took the fight directly to Kane.

Orton would fall after a choke slam, but would deliver an RKO to Kane this past Monday on Raw.

Has the hunter become the hunted? Will Kane gain his revenge and try to take out Randy Orton?

Santino Marella vs. Jack Swagger: Cage Match for the United States Championship?

The man in charge for the night has teased on his Twitter account that he'll be giving Jack Swagger his rematch for the United States Championship on SmackDown.

To top that off, he's even teasing that it'll be a steel cage match.

This past Monday, Teddy Long took charge of Raw and booked Swagger to defend his title against Santino.

After quite a bit of chaos involving Swagger's associates, the general managers, David Otunga, Kofi Kingston and even Aksana, Santino rolled up Swagger to become the new United States champion.

Laurinaitis didn't like what happened and tried to reverse the decision, but since Teddy Long was in charge he was kicked out of the building.

Big Johnny may now be remedying the situation with the steel structure.

Will this match indeed happen? If so, can Jack Swagger regain the United States Championship or will Santino Marella pull out another upset?

A Great White is on the Hunt: Will Sheamus Continue His Dominance?

Ever since being drafted to SmackDown last year, Sheamus has become quite the dominate force. Everyone WWE has put in front of him has been devoured by the Great White.

As the fall months hit, it seemed obvious that the Celtic Warrior would receive a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

Unfortunately, the main event spotlight was hogged by Mark Henry and the Big Show during the entire fall season, but Sheamus would finally have his time to shine.

The former WWE champion won the Royal Rumble and made his choice at the Elimination Chamber.

Sheamus had chosen the World Heavyweight Championship, and now he and Daniel Bryan will clash at WrestleMania. Bryan has been dominate in his own right as well, but most of his victories have been very questionable, unlike Sheamus’.

Will Sheamus destroy another superstar as he awaits WrestleMania or will he get his hands the champion?

Much like Monday Night Raw, this episode of SmackDown should be very interesting and could be quite good!

Tune in to find out what happens!


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