TNA Impact Wrestling Preview: X-Division Title, Roode-Sting, Bully Ray and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IMarch 8, 2012

It’s that time of the week again! TNA Wrestling presents a new episode of Impact Wrestling, and it’s looking like it may be another solid show.

The company has confirmed two matches, one of which is a title match, and what are sure to be four in-ring segments.

Let’s see what TNA Wrestling has in store for the fans!


Garret Bischoff Has Been Warned: Will He Show Up With Some Backup?

Ever since Bound for Glory, Eric Bischoff has wanted his son’s head on a silver platter. He enlisted the help of Gunner to take out his Garret, and with Ric Flair by his side, he succeeded.

Unfortunately Garret came back and had a trainer by his side. While TNA was in England, Garret finally revealed his trainer as the Immortal Hulk Hogan.

Under the Hulkster’s tutelage Garret would lose a match to Gunner at Against All Odds. Eric Bischoff had won but his victory wouldn’t last long.

Garret would return once again, hell-bent on fulfilling his dream.

Last week his father, Flair and Gunner told him to stay away from the Impact Zone unless he had some sort of backup.

Will Garret Bischoff show up to Impact Wrestling with some help? If so, who will it be?


A.J. Styles Has a Surprise for Christopher Daniels and Kazarian

As the Fortune stable started to implode last year, each member slowly started to break away from the group.

First was Christopher Daniels, who once again grew jealous of A.J. Styles and the two began to feud again.

Beer Money broke away from the group after Bobby Roode and James Storm became finalists in the Bound for Glory Series.

That left just Styles and Kazarian to represent Fortune, though they no longer used the name.

Both Styles and Kaz continued to team up and entered the Wild Card Tag Team Tournament. They made it to the finals but Kaz turned on his partner after having a discussion with Daniels backstage.

Daniels is holding something over him and it’s causing Kaz to do Daniels’ bidding.

After costing Styles the Television Championship, it now seems like Kaz is pulling the strings in his strange relationship with the Fallen Angel.

Last week, Styles lost to both wrestlers in a gauntlet match and this week the Phenomenal one says he has a surprise for his enemies.

What is this surprise? Is A.J. Styles bringing in someone to help him take down Christopher Daniels and Kazarian or is it something else?


Matt Morgan and Crimson vs. Robbie E and Robbie T: No. 1 Contender’s Match

Matt Morgan and Crimson started out as enemies but when Sting put them together as a team, they became champions.

As champions they didn’t have much competition so TNA created the Wild Card Tag Team Tournament. The tournament was won by Samoa Joe and Magnus, who proved to be quite the team.

After a losing effort at Genesis, the newly formed team would win the Tag Team Championship the following month at Against All Odds.

Morgan and Crimson would lose the rematch and now they must face the only other team in TNA to regain their spot as No. 1 contenders.

Can Matt Morgan and Crimson defeat the Robbie’s for a chance to get their belts back or will the television champion and his bouncer upset the former champs?


Bully Ray Wants a Title Shot: Will Attacking James Storm Get Him That Shot?

Ever since Bully Ray started to become the sidekick of world champion Bobby Roode, he has grown jealous of the champ.

Roode had promised him a title shot on multiple occasions but he would never receive any shot whatsoever. Despite helping Roode retain the title almost every time, he remained a lackey to the champion.

He finally received his title shot at Against All Odds in a fatal four-way match but lost when Roode pinned Jeff Hardy to retain the title.

Sting gave Bully Ray another chance against James Storm but the bully couldn’t get the job done as the Cowboy became the No. 1 contender.

Last week after Storm, Samoa Joe and Magnus defeated Roode, Bully Ray and Austin Aries, the bully beat down Storm and Magnus with a chair.

As Storm lay there, Bully Ray screamed at him, “I’m the No. 1 contender!”

Will Sting make Bully Ray the No. 1 contender or will he just be punished for his actions?


Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion: X-Division Championship

At Against All Odds, Zema Ion became the No. 1 contender for the X-Division Championship after he literally took out Jesse Sorenson.

Three weeks ago, Ion was forced to team with Austin Aries and there was obvious tension between the two wrestlers as their similar personalities clashed.

Aries then began to scout his future opponent as he took some popcorn and wine to ringside during Ion’s match with Alex Shelley.

Last week Aries was too busy with Sting to scout Ion again, this time in a match with Shannon Moore.

Ion has been on quite a roll lately and Sting must recognize that as the young X-Division star will be receiving his title shot early.

Can Zema Ion become the new X-Division champion or will Austin Aries continue to be “The greatest man who ever lived?”


The War Continues: What’s Next For Bobby Roode and Sting?

Bobby Roode has been defying Sting ever since he won the TNA World Championship.

The self-proclaimed leader of the Selfish Generation has cheated his way to victory to retain his title every time and Sting has tried to punish him.

Every punishment, though, would backfire on the Icon as Roode would weasel his way out of each one.

At Against All Odds things finally boiled over when the wrestling legend tried, and failed, to screw Roode out of the title. Roode finally had enough of Sting and he attacked him.

Sting declared that he was done but not in the way the champion had hoped. Sting booked himself in a non-title match against Roode at Victory Road and the champion would respond by saying that he was done.

The man in charge threatened to strip him of the title then booked him in a six-man tag match, which his team lost.

Sting is definitely in the head of Bobby Roode—the champion certainly doesn’t want that.

Will Sting continue to play mind games or can Roode finally get the upper hand?


This week’s episode of Impact Wrestling looks to be another solid show.

Will it be? Tune in to find out!


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