WWE News: Major Update on Mark Henry's Problems with WWE, His Acting Ambitions

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WWE News: Major Update on Mark Henry's Problems with WWE, His Acting Ambitions
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Poor Mark Henry.

Just a few months ago, he was WWE's hottest monster heel, viciously tearing through the SmackDown ranks and taking out everyone in sight on path to the World Heavyweight Championship. He even picked up several spotlessly clean wins over golden boy Randy Orton, extremely impressive considering how fiercely protective the booking team has always been of "The Viper."   

Alas, after losing the title at last December's TLC pay-per-view, his status in WWE plummeted. He's been on-and-off television (SmackDown general manager Teddy Long "indefinitely suspended" Henry, a few weeks ago for his crazy and violent behaviour, but John Laurinaitis brought him back shortly after), and whenever he does make an appearance it seems like he's always scripted to look weak or lose to someone, like Sheamus or The Big Show.

Considering how strongly Henry was pushed last year, this shoddy treatment has raised eyebrows with fans wondering exactly what is going on and what Henry did to be treated so badly. 

Unsurprisingly, stories have begun to emerge and circulate that Henry's contract will be up this year and he may be about to part ways with the organization. This is reportedly due in part to unhappiness on Henry's part, who allegedly feels disgruntled about the unsympathetic matter WWE have treated him in throughout his various injuries (the star has battled serious groin and leg injuries in recent months).  

In this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer offers an update and goes into some depth about the source of Henry's heat with WWE management.

The situation with Mark Henry and him getting the monster push, and then having it being taken away of late, also relates the injuries and perception. Henry has, for years, had an internal rep for being injury prone and the feeling that he’s not “tough,” in the sense of gutting it out. Of course, when it comes to both Mysterio and Henry, that may have played out in both guys continuing to work when injured and compounding those injuries because they didn’t take more time off. But that’s the reason they took away his monster push and are now using him just to put over the top babyfaces on television.

Metlzer also discussed Henry's ambitions for a career outside WWE.

 Henry has been trying to break into acting. He’s talked about his days in wrestling being limited for a while. The story is that he realizes in acting he’s probably limited to playing bodyguard and bar bouncer roles, but he’s trying to get them.

It seems Henry, like many wrestlers before him, wants to attempt to break into Hollywood. While Henry certainly couldn't hope to emulate the success of The Rock in movies (who could?), he has shown enough acting skills and presence on SmackDown over the past year in his role as a formidable monster to suggest he could pick up a few roles if he branched out to TV and film roles.

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