Sir Peyton Manning Has a Second Act, but Not in San Francisco

Paul WardContributor IIIMarch 9, 2012

Alex Smith on the run, Against the Giants
Alex Smith on the run, Against the GiantsEzra Shaw/Getty Images

Let the man go. His destiny is Miami.

As tempting as it sounds. As hall-of-famer as he is. The truth: San Francisco is not his town.

It's the outdoors, for one. It's also the difference between the Irsay Family and the DeBartolo family. Between ventilation systems and malls.

It's the difference between Kezar stadium and the Indianapolis speedway. 

You can't explain it, but there's something that doesn't fit.

What? you say. With more awards and linen than Secretariat?

The conventional wisdom, and recently expressed by Jerry Rice, and now Tony Dungy, is you have to try to get him. But if you think of how this team has come together, and what it needs, you clench your jaw and decline.  

You wonder what Tom Condon thinks. I bet he sees Smith still eating in North Beach.

What's required are folks to throw to. What's required are better hands, and a more accurate route runner. That's not changed either way.  

So why not put your resources on capturing the very best receiver(s) on the market and stay with Alex Smith.

I never thought I would be saying this.

But here's when you have to believe that Smith is still rising, that all he needed was confidence, and time in a scheme.  And Jim Harbaugh. 

By the numbers, including last regular and post season, Smith is 9th overall among Qs; completes 60 percent of his throws, good on the run. Great in the playoffs. And threw 5 picks.

Did you forget that?  Five picks. Best in class.  

By the way he was tied with Drew Brees with the 8th highest number of dropped balls.

Meanwhile, you don't want to go to Kolbistan for a Q and Colin Kaepernick is not the future. But If they ever make a movie about Sammy Baugh, he should do the stunts.

And then think of this.... What you don't want is one of the great Qs of all time down on his knees at the stick, the way YA Tittle was in Pitt Stadium. Beaten to blood, broken. Knowing it's the end.  

You don't want that image to be part of 49er lore.