WWE News: Shawn Michaels Comments On His Role As Special Guest Referee

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IMarch 7, 2012

Photo: royalrumble2001-foreva.blogspot.com
Photo: royalrumble2001-foreva.blogspot.com

Throughout his career in the WWE, Shawn Michaels has always been known to stir up some controversy, and this past Monday on RAW, he delivered once again.


Michaels announced to WWE COO Triple H that he is participating in the Hell in a Cell Match at WrestleMania XXVIII featuring Triple H vs. The Undertaker as the special guest referee.


There are many in the Internet wrestling community that say Michaels will be not be impartial in that match, and many are speculating on who Michaels will favor, The Undertaker or Triple H, if he does intend to throw his own agenda into the match.

Michaels may have put those speculations to rest; an exclusive backstage video has been released by WWE.com of Shawn Michaels.


Michaels was asked if he could call the match between Triple H and The Undertaker right down the middle; Michaels responded with a simple “Yes, next question.”


Michaels then went on to comment:


What, you don't think I can? Too much commotion, is that it? Hey, it's not my first barbeque, slick. Don't worry about how I call the match. I'll probably be the best referee the world has ever seen, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.


Obviously, it remains to be seen if Michaels can remain impartial in the match between Triple H and The Undertaker. Michaels has an extensive history with both men when he was still an active wrestler in the WWE.


The video in its entirety can be viewed here...