WWE Wrestlemania 28: Why Hasn't Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus Gotten Much Hype Yet?

Robert AitkenAnalyst IMarch 8, 2012

It's 24 days until WrestleMania and the hype cannot be any higher for some of these matches.

Just look at that World Heavyweight Championship match, for example. Triple H, along with his five World Heavyweight Championship reigns, takes on The Undertaker in an epic Hell in a Cell confrontation.

Oh, wait. That's not the World Heavyweight Championship match.

Well, there's The Rock and John Cena, two icons of two different generations, coming together for an incredible match. This match is so hyped that it has had over a year of buildup. Cena is a 12-time world champion, while The Rock is considered one of the greatest superstars in history.

Nope. Not it either.

I know it this time. It's the world championship match that the whole world wants to see. It's the clash to see who is truly "The Best In The World" between the champion, CM Punk, and the top contender, Chris Jericho. Only one man will walk out of Miami with the WWE Championship.

Wait, that's right. Wrong world championship.

It seems that, according to some websites, the World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania will be Daniel Bryan defending against Sheamus. Then again, I have learned better than to believe everything I see on the Internet.

If that were the case, I would swear that Wikipedia told me the truth when they once said that Eric Escobar was the WWE Champion.

All kidding aside, there is absolutely nobody talking about Sheamus and Bryan in three-and-a-half weeks at WrestleMania. Can you blame people for not talking about it? There are three matches more advertised that each have names the casual wrestling fan would know.

Five years ago, neither of these two were even in the developmentals of WWE, let alone the main roster.

Even as recently as a year ago, when Sheamus was United States Champion and Bryan was months shy of his Money in the Bank briefcase win, these two were hyped as a U.S. Championship match for WrestleMania XXVII.

Instead, it ended up being the dark match. That match would become a no-contest and turn into a battle royal, a tradition in recent WrestleManias.

So, can the same matchup really go from dark match to main event in one year's time? Well, it has. I'm personally excited about the idea of it.

For anyone who could catch a match with them on RAW just weeks before last year's WrestleMania, you could see that these two can work well together. In that nine-minute TV match, Bryan's versatile style complemented Sheamus and his destructive behavior.

The whole world was shocked when Daniel Bryan became the World Heavyweight Champion in December at the TLC pay-per-view. Even more were surprised the following month, when Sheamus won the Royal Rumble match and this WrestleMania match.

The reason that this match is not more hyped is because even fans are questioning the star power for it. It will be just the second true WrestleMania match for Sheamus, with a loss to Triple H two years ago. As for Bryan, it will be his first official WrestleMania match, leading back to the question some have asked since July: can Daniel Bryan be a successful world champion on a large stage?

WWE has allowed Bryan to completely alter his attitude while still keeping his gimmick and character relatively intact. As for Sheamus, the once-hated Irishman has taken his great reactions and turned them into a face turn with the same brash attitude that was already there.

Some may look down upon this match because of the lack of hype and buildup for it. The two have barely talked in the ring and rarely seem to face each other in traditional tag team matches in the weeks building to WrestleMania. It is basically a guy who is champion facing a guy who is the challenger.

What's so wrong with that, though?

So much of a storyline is too predictable for fans to watch. Just how many "big-city millionaire" vs "down-to-earth small-town guy" stories can you stomach? What is so terrible about two guys wrestling at WrestleMania with only the championship at stake?

Who cares how one feels about the other? Wrestling is losing out to MMA in mainstream coverage. How many of those big fights have personal reasons against them?

It still wouldn't have killed WWE to give a little bit of hype to the match. Technically speaking, the only match set before it was The Rock vs John Cena, only because it was set a year in the making. With not too much time left before the title is on the line, do we need more Sheamus and Daniel Bryan?

Well, yes, but only to remind people that it is relevant. The World Heavyweight Championship is usually featured in the final three matches of the night, with the rare exception of about halfway through the card, as well as last year's WrestleMania leading off with the title bout.

Some have clamored for additional star power, such as Randy Orton, to be inserted into the match, too, and to allow Orton to leave with the title. There's nothing wrong with what we have, so I don't think it will be fixed.

When April 1 comes, I will be watching Daniel Bryan and Sheamus wrestle a match that will be better than whatever many thought it would be. In fact, I will go on a limb right now and say that, in a card with three potentially memorable matches, it will be this one that will be remembered.