Eagles-Giants: Does Winner Take Super Bowl ?

Mike KentSenior Writer IJanuary 11, 2009

The Giants-Eagles game on Sunday is going to be one the best game in this playoffs. Two great teams that would have been clear favorites if they would be playing any other team in the playoffs.

But they are playing each other so only one can win. The question, is the winner of this game going to win the super bowl ?

There are a few teams that will  try to prevent that from happening, one of them is the Cardinals who are the only other team left in the NFC.

The Cardinals beat the Panthers on Saturday night by a score of 33-13. They are considered the worst team still in the playoffs but they were also like that before they beat the Panthers who were the number two seed in the NFC.

But the Cardinals, who dont play well in the east cost, beat the Panthers but i think that was a one night stand. So if the Giants win then they may have a problem, and the Eagles beat the Cardinals in week 13.

Another team is the Chargers, who came in to the playoffs as a team that was one of the leagues biggest disappointments having an 8-8 record. But they did beat the Colts last weekend and are now ready for the Steelers in Pittsburgh.

I dont think the Chargers are as good as the Giants or the Eagles.

And there is one more team left in the playoffs, the Steelers. The Steelers are one of the best teams in the NFL. They were the second seed in the AFC so there games are going to be at home until the super bowl.

The Giants beat the Steelers in week 8 by a score of 21-14 and in week two the Eagles beat them 15-6. Also, Big Ben was hurt in the last week of the regular season. It is said that he is ok but you never know. 

This Eagles-Giants game may be a early Super Bowl match-up, and this is the continuation of the Philadelphia-New York rivalry so it may be bigger then the Super Bowl.