Saints Looking Ahead to Offseason Moves and Draft

Joe BatesContributor IJanuary 11, 2009

Look for the Saints to shuffle some players. Instead of focusing on the draft, they will be focusing on free agency and here is why.

The Saints do not have a lot of draft picks due to their offseason trading last season. Look for them to trade their first round pick for a second and third round pick for CB Darius Butler of Connecticut and RB LeSean McCoy of Pittsburgh.

In free agency look for the Saints to trade Deuce McCallister to the Eagles for Brian Dawkins. Also with the DB situation look for the Saints to sign Oshiomogho Atogwe from the Rams and Lawyer Milloy from the Falcons. This will solve most of the DB problems.

Also look for the Saints to cut CB Mike Mckenzie and CB Usama Young from the roster. Look for Jonathan Vilma to remain with the Saints through next season.

The Saints won't need to address the TE situation, seeing as they have Billy Miller to fill in for Shockey, but don't look for Shockey to stay around for long if he continues to be a liability.