TNA: Why Impact Should Promote a Feud Between Matt Morgan and Crimson

David LevinSenior Writer IIMarch 7, 2012

TNA Impact has gotten it right so far in its growth as a company trying to give the fans what they want inside the wrestling ring.

While not everything is perfect and there is still room to grow, those of us who are fans of the brand and style TNA puts out week after week can be pleased moving forward.

The thing I do wonder about, however, is the status of the tag-team division, and while there is a great dynamic that works between Magnus and Samoa Joe, there are not any other true tag teams to challenge them, unless you count the disgruntled Crimson and Matt Morgan, the former champions who are now at odds because of timing and missed communication.

Or is this another work where someone like Crimson—young, brash and bold—is about to turn on Morgan and start a feud as big as the state of Florida?

Friends who become foes are not a lost concept in the business of wrestling. Not when the two “friends” were at odds before they became tag champions and were put together by Sting in an attempt to add a little excitement to the tag-team ranks (and the fact Beer Money was broken up when Bobby Roode beat James Storm for the TNA World Title).

Crimson, the man with “The Streak” and Matt Morgan, the biggest man on the roster, were a huge and intimidating duo who somehow lost their way along the championship road they were on, only to have to battle opponents and themselves.

Now, because of communication issues (and the fact TNA loves a great conflict) these two could be set to face each other at a PPV soon to be named.

The fans would eat it up.

TNA needs this fight. There are too many “familiar” common denominators on Impact, with AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels locking horns again, this time with Kazarian as the “go between” and Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy and James Storm hooking it up from time to time—and of course Bobby Roode getting in everyone’s Kool Aid. We need more matches that are new and exciting.

A feud like this does all those things and a little more.