WWE: Could Z! True Long Island Story Be Hinting at a John Morrison Return?

Al ConstableSenior Analyst IMarch 7, 2012

Screenshot Taken From Z! True Long Island Story No. 53
Screenshot Taken From Z! True Long Island Story No. 53

Since episode 51 of Zack Ryder's hit YouTube series, Z! True Long Island Story, the show has been released via WWE's Fan Nation channel. I would have thought that with the show under the WWE banner, it would have needed to conform to WWE's strict standards.

In particular, I am thinking about WWE's preference to ignore anyone who isn't in their company and either isn't a legend or on the verge of making a deal. In this regard, I refer you to the last three episodes of Zack Ryder's show.

On the anniversary episode, John Morrison made an appearance congratulating Zack on his success from the show. (Via message from the heavens as Morrison died in a limo explosion on the show after he was released by WWE last November.)

Still, despite the attached comedy to the appearance, it was still John Morrison appearing on a WWE product.

In addition to this the last couple of weeks, we have seen strange developments for one of the characters on the show.

Zack's dad from the beginning was shown to be a huge John Morrison fan. So huge that his opinion always favoured the Guru of Greatness over his own son. This was a running gag that continued until the aforementioned limo explosion and Morrison's "death."

However, after a couple of Zack's friends ran over his dad with their car, he has seemingly developed amnesia and is once again a John Morrison fan. Although he was reminded in the last episode of Morrison's fate, there could still be room for this story to develop.

So is Z! True Long Island Story subtly hinting at an impending John Morrison return? I wouldn't blame WWE for wanting to flesh out their midcard some more with Jack Swagger's recent lackluster run with the US Championship and a Santino reign that won't seemingly be any better.

On WWE TV it appears as if Ryder will be continuing his storyline with Eve Torres. Could John Morrison return as a heel who is in league with the WWE Diva? After all, when Morrison got a US title match at Survivor Series last year, all the crowd wanted was Zack Ryder.

I'll admit that this is currently just speculation on my part, but I feel it's a little odd that WWE would let Ryder put Morrison on his show now that it's produced under WWE's banner.