UFC Debate: Who Is the Best Pound-for-Pound Fighter in the UFC Today?

The Ultimate ShowWeekly UFC ShowMarch 6, 2012

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Many have argued this topic the past year. Who is the best pound for pound fighter in the UFC today? Some say Anderson Silva, while others argue it's Jon "Bones" Jones. Both fighters make a compelling argument, but there can be only one. So who is it? 

 This week Bleacher Report MMA contributors debate who is the best pound for pound fighters in the octagon today.  Matt Connolly starts off by talking about how Anderson Silva is the best pound for pound fighter. How Silva has shown his dominance throughout the weight classes.  Demolished the middleweight and walked through the 205 pounders. 

 Andrew Brining argues the dominance Jon Jones has been showing and when or if Jones moves to Heavyweight he will be just as effective.  Brining states that pound for pound is always a “what if” discussion and Jon Jones wins all of those. Clearly there are arguments for both fighters being the best, but only time will tell. 

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