TUS Breakdown Part 2: Dominick Cruz Talks on Coaching TUF and More

The Ultimate ShowWeekly UFC ShowMarch 6, 2012

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 The upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter debuts March 9th on FX and features rival coaches Urijah Faber and Dominick Cruz. After interviewing Urijah Faber last week, it only makes sense for The Ultimate Show to speak with The Ultimate Fighter’s other coach Dominick Cruz in this week’s episode.  

 Cruz tells us what he would be doing if he was not a fighter and gives his take on the issue of fighter’s pay in the UFC. Cruz also touches on how he will manage coaching on The Ultimate Fighter and preparing for his next fight. With The Ultimate Fighter premiere just around the corner, everyone is excited for the upcoming season. After the season ends the two coaches will meet again for an epic rematch for the title.

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