Strikeforce: Why American Society NEEDS Ronda Rousey

Matt SaccaroContributor IIIMarch 6, 2012

Photo by Esther Lin/Forza LLC/Forza LLC via Getty Images
Photo by Esther Lin/Forza LLC/Forza LLC via Getty Images

American society needs Strikeforce women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey. More specifically, millions of young girls need her as a role model, someone to look up to and emulate.

Think about it.

America faces a cultural crisis regarding the current generation of young women. Who do they have to look up to? What inspirational females are there for them? What heroes do they have?

Is there a Marie Curie to inspire them to study science? Is there a Billie Jean King to get them to believe they are equal in athletic (and societal) standing to males?


Today there are only the idiotic ravings of the Kardashian family, Snooki, and the classless dredges of society displayed on "16 and pregnant."

But there is an answer to this cultural malaise and her name is Ronda Rousey. 

Rousey is the perfect role model for a young girl growing up in our increasingly decadent society. 

She is a hard worker, as indicated by her dedication to training and her Olympic bronze medal in Judo. 

She's also quite witty, a silver-tongued devil who some people love to hate. This wit is the product of intelligence and an understanding of how the world works.

Rousey knew being nice didn't sell tickets and generate press, so she wasn't nice. Some would say that this "questionable" moral fiber of Rousey makes her a poor role model but those people aren't seeing the big picture. 

Rousey did those things because they were good for her career. Also, what's wrong with having an edge? Women should have a bit of fire to them lest they always be at the beck and call of an overbearing man. 

Another point to make about Rousey is that she has the intelligence to understand how to promote herself, yet she never completed high school or went to college. This seems like another fact that puts her out of the role model category but, again, that's a myopic viewpoint. 

The American education system is undergoing a paradigm shift. No longer is a college degree going to get you a good or even decent job; degrees are swift becoming not worth the paper they're printed on yet the prices of obtaining them are constantly skyrocketing (some call this the education bubble).

Ronda Rousey is a role model that reflects this change in the world. Her success can teach children that they can find their own path outside of the decaying American education system.

Furthermore, Rousey's not-so-inconsiderable looks play a part in why she's a potential role model. She didn't obtain those looks through plastic surgery or some form of eating disorder. She is natural and her figure was obtained by simply working hard. 

America needs her more then people know; Rousey is the hero that American girls need right now, just not the one they're bombarded with.