Why Joe Flacco Is Overrated

Robert RozborilContributor IJanuary 10, 2009

The bird is the word!  The Ravens are being labeled as the team no one wants to play this year, and it seems that their 13-10 victory over the Tennessee Titans adds to that aura of dominance.

Joe Flacco will now go down in history as the first rookie QB to win two NFL playoff games, and he's not done yet.

He's already been compared to Ben Roethlisberger, but if you take a closer look at how the Ravens have played this season, you might see why that notion may be a bit premature. 

Baltimore has been a force this season.  That much seems certain.  But should so much credit be given to Flacco for their success? 

The Ravens run the ball more than any other team.  They were ranked fourth in rushing (averaging 148.5 yds a game) in the NFL, while in passing they ranked a dismal 28th (averaging 175.5 yds a game). 

With that in mind, one has to think Flacco owes his soul to running backs Le'Ron McClain and Willis McGahee, who in my eyes are the true keys of the Ravens dominance.

Let's also not for forget the defense.  I don't think anyone questions the fortitude of Ray Lewis and Co. when it comes to that side of the ball. 

Flacco may be as capable as any rookie quarterback to ever enter the league, but if you ask yourself how he'd fare without the exceptional level of support he gets, it might leave you thinking twice about how good he really is.

I want to see what happens when he is in a position where guys start leaning on him and not the other way around.  Then maybe we'll find out what he's really made of.