Pro Wrestling News: Hulk Hogan Calls WWE A Monopoly?

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IMarch 6, 2012


Throughout his career in professional wrestling, Hulk Hogan has never been shy when it comes to his opinions about the business and the WWE, the company that made him the superstar he is today.

Over the last few years since jumping ship to TNA, Hogan has commented about the WWE on several occasions, but recently he has taken it one step further.

In an interview with Wrestletalk TV, a show that is based out of the UK, Hogan sat down with host Patrick Lennon and answered the question of whether or not the WWE was an unfair monopoly in the world of professional wrestling.

In the interview posted on their official YouTube channel, Hogan commented that the WWE is a different entity than pro wrestling and is on par with the NHL and the NFL in the entertainment category. 

In terms of entertainment, they are not a monopoly.

Hogan then went on to say that in terms of professional wrestling, the WWE is the “big game,” and they have the advantage when it comes to social media, but they can't stop companies like TNA from doing business.

Hogan returned to TNA in 2009, and was brought in to be a partner to president Dixie Carter and Eric Bischoff to try and make the company more of a competitive force against the WWE.

Since then, Hogan has not brought the ratings up on the whole and many wrestling fans see him as an obstacle that impedes the young up-and-comers from getting over in the company.

Hogan will most likely continue to be a major on-screen personality in TNA, so wrestling fans will just have get past his agendas and focus on the big improvement of TNA programming overall.