Kobe Bryant Mask: Pics of Mamba's New Black Mask

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Kobe Bryant Mask: Pics of Mamba's New Black Mask
photo via Larry Brown Sports

Newly masked wonder Kobe Bryant is switching up his mask to go with something that is more in tune with his nickname: The Black Mamba. 

Update: Tuesday, March 6 at 8:30 p.m. ET

The black mask didn't last long. The Mamba got off to a horrid start from the field, and he has gone back to the clear version. The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding had the news.

As you might have now guessed, his new mask is going to be black. Here is a look:

Photo courtesy of blog.lakers.com

This new mask appears to be a little smaller than his last version, but a different color. You don't have to take my word on this. Judge for yourself:  

Harry How/Getty Images

There is definitely more of an edge to this mask. Gone is the silly-looking clear, and it has been replaced with an ominous black

Courtesy @Orion321

In fact, this mask has a certain Batman feel to it. Let's just hope that Bryant's move to a more Caped Crusader look stops with the mask. 

It would be far too awkward to see Bryant out there in a nipple-enhanced George Clooney Batman suit

A look at this mask from the side an it's pretty clear it has hints of Hannibal Lecter.

Courtesy @Bouncex3

Maybe Kobe Bryant is just a big R Kelly fan?


At least Kobe had a medical purpose for this mask. R should have kept his mask in the closet.  

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