NBA Trade Rumors: Fact or Fiction?

Matthew ConnollyCorrespondent IIIMarch 6, 2012

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With a little over a week left until the NBA trade deadline, teams around the Association are scrambling to make a deal.

Contenders with their sights set on the playoffs are busy trying to find roster additions at discounted rates, while cellar-dwellers are looking to stock up on young talent and draft picks for the future.

Several big names and high-profile teams have been involved in the red-hot trade rumors, but how are NBA fans supposed to know which deals are for real and which ones are transparent?

After listening to all of the trade chatter, I have a list of predictions I believe to be either fact or fiction. Hopefully, my video will bring clarity to the hottest rumored deals heading into the deadline.

Don’t agree with my assessments? Put in your two cents in the comments box below.


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