Rampage Jackson Says He Has One More Fight Left in Him Before Leaving UFC

Mike HodgesCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2012

Courtesy of ESPN.com
Courtesy of ESPN.com

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson looks to be nearing the end of his career and is adamant he will compete once more inside the Octagon.

Jackson, who is coming off a loss to Ryan Bader at UFC 144, wrote on his Twitter account and expressed his disinterest in fighting for the UFC and how he is currently unhappy with the organization altogether.

"I will fight who ever they put n front of me,I always have,but it will b my last fight n the ufc,I have other things on my mind," Jackson wrote. "Why should I stay? I don't need them or anybody else negative dealing with my (career)... MMA, okay. UFC, not okay after."

Jackson would later go on to retract his previous statements, saying that while he might be done with the UFC, he would continue his career fighting for other promotions.

Jackson's desire to leave the UFC is nothing new from the former UFC light heavyweight champion. "Rampage" has looked to be unmotivated in recent bouts, often leading to poor performances or disappointing losses for the former PRIDE star.

Jackson has also publicly voiced his lack of interest in training and has been vocal about a potential movie career following his eventual retirement from the sport.

Despite the recent outburst from Jackson, it is unlikely he will leave the UFC, considering there is not many options he can pursue outside of the organization. And due to his popularity and marketing appeal with the UFC fans, Jackson will remain in lucrative bouts near the top of the 205-pound division.