NBA Rumors: 4 Teams That Could Use the Services of Boris Diaw

Sammy Sucu@oblivion08Senior Analyst IMarch 6, 2012

NBA Rumors: 4 Teams That Could Use the Services of Boris Diaw

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    Boris Diaw would automatically make any team who needs his services much better.

    Hoops Hype translated a report from L’Equipe.Fr that said the Bobcats would be willing to buy out Diaw if the two sides could agree to a deal. Diaw’s contract ends once the season comes to a close. The smarter move would be to try to trade Diaw, but it appears the Bobcats might be reluctant.

    Boris Diaw is a very underrated player. He may not put up the numbers to prove it, but if you have ever seen him play, then you would know how good he really is.

    If Diaw and the Bobcats do agree on a buyout, expect for a couple of teams to reach out for his much-needed services.

    Let’s get to it.

Atlanta Hawks

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    Recent rumors have indicated that the Atlanta Hawks are willing to move Josh Smith for something other than an expiring contract. If the Hawks do trade Smith, they could use the services of Diaw to fill his spot in the starting five.

    Diaw will not put the numbers that Smith does, but he will efficiently contribute to the team that would be in desperate need for a small forward with Smith gone.

    Even if Smith does not get traded, the Hawks could use the services of Diaw for depth. With Al Horford still on the shelf because of a shoulder injury, the Hawks could use all the size they can get.

    At 6'8", Diaw would give the Hawks plenty of size, and also add necessary depth for their thin frontcourt.

Los Angeles Clippers

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    Lob City has been not been playing well as of late. In their last 14 games, the Clippers have gone 7-7. Besides their average record, they are looking at a schedule that includes three matches with Oklahoma City, one match with the San Antonio Spurs, and an epic rubber match with the Lakers.

    The Clippers may need a starting shooting guard more than anything, but some added depth on their bench would not hurt.

    Boris Diaw would be a much better option than Reggie Evans and Brian Cook, as Diaw is a much more efficient player than both.

    Unless Blake Griffin goes down with an injury, Diaw would likely never start for the Clippers—but he would be a great option of the bench. 

Oklahoma City Thunder

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    The Oklahoma City Thunder have outplayed most of their opponents all year, but they have not been regarded as clear favorites to win the NBA title.

    If Boris Diaw does get bought out by the Charlotte Bobcats, the Thunder would definitely pursue Diaw.

    Diaw would never find his way into the starting five, but he may play the sixth or seventh man role. Diaw would likely play the backup role for Serge Ibaka. He would not defend as many shots as Ibaka, but Diaw’s passing ability and court awareness will definitely help a team that lacks the most in that department.

    Diaw has the experience that a young team like the Thunder would need, and if the Bobcats do buy out Diaw, it would be very wise of the Thunder to try to sign Diaw immediately. 

Los Angeles Lakers

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    The Lakers have been in every single NBA rumor—why not put them in the running for Boris Diaw?

    Although it may seem like the last thing the Lakers need is more size, if the Pau Gasol trade rumors come true, then they would need size more than anything.

    Gasol will likely be shipped out for a very skilled point guard, thus leaving the Lakers with a huge hole in their frontcourt. Diaw would not fill the frontcourt the way Gasol did, but he would provide the Lakers their best option possible, as Josh McRoberts is more of a bench player than a starter.

    If the Bobcats do buy out Boris Diaw, the Lakers should try to sign him prior to the trade deadline so they can have more wiggle room in trades. If the Lakers have Diaw, then they might be willing to trade Gasol that much more.

    If the Lakers do not trade Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum, then do not expect the Lakers to sign Diaw, because they need more help in the backcourt.