NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Deals That Make the Most Sense

Steven ConklinCorrespondent IIMarch 6, 2012

NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Deals That Make the Most Sense

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    The NBA trade deadline is just over a week away (March 15th), and once again this year, there will be plenty of stars' names flying around the rumor mill. 

    Dwight Howard is in the middle of things, and now even Kobe Bryant's name has been thrown out there, though I wouldn't take it too seriously.

    Until the deadline hits, the talks won't stop, and neither will the rumors.

    Some of them might be ridiculous, but there are always the deals that just make sense.

    Here are five deals that would do just that. 

Raymond Felton to Los Angeles Lakers

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    It is difficult to see the Los Angeles Lakers making a significant playoff push without a better point guard situation. 

    Adding one would be a definite boost to Kobe's crew, and Portland's Raymond Felton would be a good start.

    Felton has been terrible at times this year, but playing with better surrounding talent might help him out. 

    The Blazers and Lakers have already discussed a possible deal for Felton. 

    For the Lakers, there wouldn't be much risk. The club has $8.9 million available from the trade exception of Lamar Odom going to Dallas, and if Felton were to fail in Los Angeles, the team can walk away at season's end and not offer him a new deal.

    The Lakers must add Felton or another true point guard if they want to win.

Michael Beasley to Boston Celtics

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    Michael Beasley hasn't met expectations of the NBA since being drafted out of Kansas State in 2008 one pick behind Derrick Rose.

    The Heat dealt him, and now the Minnesota Timberwolves are trying to follow. 

    The Wolves need to make room for the emerging Derrick Williams and for Beasley, that means getting the short stick. 

    Still a young contributor, Beasley would make a fine addition to a team such as the Lakers or Celtics, who both will need to get younger soon. 

    Recently, the Lakers turned down the Wolves' offer of Beasley for a first-round pick. 

    That leaves Boston as a viable choice. 

    The Celtics eventually will lose the Big Three, and Beasley could be a nice piece in building around Rajon Rondo. Doc Rivers is a well-respected coach who could work on Beasley's apparent immaturity. 

    Sam Amico of FoxSportsOhio believes Boston is the most likely landing spot. 

Monta Ellis to Orlando Magic

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    The Golden State Warriors have a talented point guard in Stephen Curry, and that makes star Monta Ellis and his off-court issues expendable. 

    And while Orlando is in the rumor mill to deal Dwight Howard, adding Ellis would be a much better idea. 

    The combination of Ellis and Howard would be incredible, as Ellis is one of the most underrated players in the league and can score 20 or more every night. 

    Orlando has reportedly reached out to Golden State about Ellis in hopes of pleasing Howard.

    The only issue here would be that Orlando may not have the assets to deal for the Warriors star. A third team and picks would probably be involved in any deal of this nature. 

Ray Allen to Los Angeles Clippers

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    Ray Allen is a great player who helps the Boston Celtics tremendously. 

    But he'd do wonders in Los Angeles. 

    Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated believes the Clippers have interest in the guard. 

    The Big Three in Boston won't be around much longer, and Allen is probably the most expendable player over Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett.

    The Clippers would be adding an experienced, terrific shooter to help contend in the Western Conference and make a legitimate run at the Finals. 

    At the same time, Boston would get younger pieces in and can start building a young corps of players around Rajon Rondo for Doc Rivers to coach to another championship.

Chris Kaman to Golden State Warriors

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    Golden State's issues in the past few years have been centered around a lack of defense and a big man.

    Adding Chris Kaman would provide just that. 

    The New Orleans Hornets are apparently shopping the big man after adding him earlier this season in the Chris Paul deal. 

    According to Broussard, the Warriors are pursuing the former All-Star. 

    A deal for Kaman makes a lot of sense for Golden State. The team believed adding David Lee via free agency was getting a "big man," but that hasn't worked out for them. 

    Kaman would bring size and a rebounding presence Golden State doesn't have but would need to become a winner and find the playoffs once again. 

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