WWE SmackDown Rebound: The Wrath of Vickie

Ron JohnsonSenior Writer IJanuary 10, 2009

Nothing is worse than knowing that you're going to have a bad night. But there are those nights when things are going so good that something bad is bound to happen. This was the case for last night's SmackDown as Triple H and Jeff Hardy found out the hard way that things are tough all over.

Good Idea: Choosing Your Battles; Bad Idea: Your Battles Choosing You

On SmackDown, three individuals had a simple choice to make: Kill or be killed. For Victoria, she did everything she could to help get the victory for her and Michelle McCool. But in the end, a simple miscalculation cost her more than a win. After missing a top rope moonsault, the Bella Twins capitalized and got the victory over the virgin tag team. But when the match was over, Michelle McCool showed her disdain for losing as she attacked the Black Widow and planted her the Styles Clash.

But Victoria's night wasn't as bad as Shelton Benjamin's. The Gold Standard and current United States Champion did everything in his power to take down the legendary Phenom. But a simple miscue in the corner led to his downfall as he was dropped with a Tombstone Piledriver and became just another victim on The Deadman's long list of taken souls.

But who had it worse than these two? MVP, of course. Porter didn't have to compete tonight, but he still made an appearance in what was left of his VIP Lounge. His guest, on the other hand, has been having a great week (again): Kennedy! Kennedy said that he was trying to motivate MVP and help him finally win a match. As MVP tried to protest Kennedy's methods, a group of movers sprinted in and started to grab the furniture. As Kennedy and the movers walked off, MVP became a victim of ECW's own Voodoo King, The Boogeyman.

Also on SmackDown, The Brian Kendrick and his man 'Zeke were looking to capture tag team gold as they faced The Colons in a highly anticipated match. The duo gave the champs a fight, but after they took out the power game (launching Jackson over the top rope), Carlito landed the Backstabber on Kendrick to pick up the win and help he and his brother Primo retain the WWE Tag Team Championships.

A Dark Cloud Looms Over The Rivals of La Familia

Like the Undertaker last year, both Triple H and Jeff Hardy have been suffering from the downfall of fighting for what they believe in. Since being drafted to SmackDown, both men have had to suffer through the Ultimate Anarchist known as Vickie Guerrero. Now that Edge has to go into The Royal Rumble as challenger instead of champion, Vickie is trying her muscle on another victim: Triple H.

But before The Game could get his payback, Jeff Hardy found out how bad karma can be as he and his girlfriend Beth were the victims of an obvious hit. According to police interviews at the scene of the auto accident, Hardy was driving home from a party with his brother, Matt, Hurricane Helms and R-Truth when a car came blitzing towards them and sideswiped them off the road. In the end, neither Hardy nor Beth were seriously hurt in the accident. But Hardy did make it clear that though he wasn't on SmackDown this night, he would be there next week and will defend his WWE Championship at The Royal Rumble.

As for Triple H, he already knew how much trouble he was in...he just didn't know who would try to deliver the punishment. The Game's night started off with a Tables Match against one half of the World Tag Team Champions, The Shaman of Stupidity, John Morrison. Morrison tried to make it a fight, but got caught on the top rope and was launched into an awaiting table outside the ring. But after the bout, Chavo and The Miz came down and sent The Game through a table as punishment for the victory.

With only one arm to work with, Triple H faced off the two men responsible for the attack after the Tables Match. After Chavo walked away from the match, The Miz found out how bad the Game can be played. While he was watching his partner leave the match, The Miz gets dropped with a Pedigree for his troubles. Following the match, Vickie wastes no time in revealing The Game's final opponent in the Last Man Standing Match: The Big Show.

Even after two matches in the night, The King of Kings still makes it a fight with the World's Largest Athlete. But we all knew that sooner or later, the toll of the first two matches would catch up with him. Following a chokeslam onto the announce table, Big Show levels the 12x World Champion with a devastating right hand that spells the end for Triple H. As Big Show walks away following the victory, an stern-looking GM looks on at the carnage left by something as simple as the discovery of some nude photos.

What will next week bring as Jeff Hardy, Triple H and even Vladimir Kozlov will all return to SmackDown next week? How long will Big Show be the puppet of Vickie Guerrero? Has Edge's road back to the gold become easier thanks to an unknown assailant? And who did opportunity strike for...translation: Who was behind the accident and the camera phone footage?

These questions will be answered this Friday on SmackDown!