WWE Fantasy Booking: CM Punk/John Cena vs. the Rock/Chris Jericho?

Richard WarrellAnalyst IIMarch 6, 2012

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When you run down the list of people who qualify as WWE Main Eventers, the list is frighteningly short.

If we include the returning superstars who are here on a short-term basis, we have The Rock, John Cena, Randy Orton, Triple H, The Undertaker, CM Punk, Chris Jericho. Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus, Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan are on the verge of main event status too, and Kane is capable of being involved in a main event from time to time — likewise The Miz. This makes future feuds seem more like foregone conclusions.

It used to just be a case of deciding who was the next rising star and have them take on the company's top dogs. This WrestleMania is following that script. The Punk/Jericho and Cena/Rock matches, which directly pit the stars of today against the stars of the Attitude Era (who remain more popular, despite Punk and Cena's best efforts to equal their popularity). The Bryan/Sheamus match which can be compared to Taker/HHH, is an example of the best of today against the best of yesteryear.

I predict that we could see CM Punk and John Cena team up to battle Chris Jericho and The Rock in the near future.

The fact that Punk and Cena had a feud not too long ago does not matter — WWE loves to ignore stuff like that all the time. This is what we know:

* The Rock has to return to Hollywood soon. Chris Jericho is due to embark on a European festival tour with his band Fozzy.

* The Rock is not done with WWE, as he will compete at WrestleMania 29. I expect more spontaneous appearances throughout the year. 


* When both Jericho and The Rock are absent from WWE, Cena and Punk will have time for a feud or two.

* John Cena has made a big deal out of The Rock's absences from WWE. CM Punk has made similar jabs towards Chris Jericho.


The "clash of the eras" idea that I have heard some people murmuring about could be expanded into a Survivor Series match. Finding additional superstars to join both sides would be easy enough. Christian could join Cena and Punk, implying that not all Attitude Era veterans abandoned the WWE. Mark "no one ever believed in me! I never got my push!" Henry would fit in too. WWE enjoyed dragging out the CM Punk / Triple H feud for a long time, so they would be happy to position him on the team of veterans too.

It's possible, right? 

Another idea:

Jericho could defeat Punk at WrestleMania and take the WWE Championship with him to Europe. Imagine how enraged Punk would be then — Jericho would hold the title for months because he would be off in Europe with his band, not having to worry about defending it from anyone.

This could set up a brief period when superstars from both brands compete for the World Heavyweight Championship — keeping things interesting and different but then revert back to normal when Jericho returns. While CM Punk waits for the return of Jericho and "his" WWE Championship, John Cena could claim the World Heavyweight Championship — becoming an Undisputed Champion in his own right.



I could imagine Jericho turning up at SummerSlam, or the week after (perhaps interrupting Punk to steal the spotlight, in a fashion comparable to his initial WWE arrival in 1999), stealing the show and waltzing right back into the main event without any work to have earned it. 

Remember when we all thought CM Punk's losing streak was simply because WWE was done with him? It turned out to be because the WWE had a far more grandiose plan at work.

The Rock's return overshadowing the Miz/Cena match last WrestleMania was all part of the plan to work towards this year's event, and the ending to last year's Triple H/Undertaker match seemed designed to set up this year's. Maybe Jericho's failure to win Elimination Chamber and the Royal Rumble, yet still earning a spot at WrestleMania is intentional. It very well may all be a ploy to make Jericho look truly undeserving of the push he receives to add credibility to CM Punk's claims that Jericho receives special treatment.

In the crazy world of the WWE, often things don't go according to what one might expect. There are also a number of other equally valid combinations WWE could go for as opposed to this, especially as it is hard to know exactly when Jericho and The Rock's returns will be. That is why I am putting this down as a fantasy booking as opposed to a prediction.

But I would still put these down as possible future matchups.