NHL Week in Review: The 3 Stars and the 3 Bums of Last Week

Andrew EideCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2012

NHL Week in Review: The 3 Stars and the 3 Bums of Last Week

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    Another exciting NHL week is in the books, and this week gave us no shortage of great performances along with the usual poor showings. There were ups and downs, and wins and losses to go with the fallout from the trade deadline on Monday.

    We saw Ilya Bryzgalov start to make some humongous saves, a coach get taken out by one of his own guys and some exciting fights for the final playoff spots in both the East and the West.

    We saw some more hits that were questionable (which is becoming pretty routine these days), and despite reports to the contrary, the Columbus Blue Jackets are still in operation.

    So here are the past seven days' best and worst in the NHL—in color and with moving pictures.

    Who did we forget? Be sure to scream about it in the comments section.

3rd Star: Steve Stamkos

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    Stamkos is screaming towards another 50-goal season, and he has pulled to within one point of Pittsburgh's Evgeni Malkin in the league's scoring race this week. It is a crying shame that he plays for a team that has decided to try playing without defense or goaltending.

    That's not working out so well for the Lightning, but Stamkos is not letting that stop him.

    This past week saw him pick up four goals and three assists in four games. He even managed a plus-three, which is pretty remarkable for Tampa Bay this season.

    For his week, he also picks up our third star.

2nd Star: Ryan Miller

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    Ryan Miller has been having a pretty rough season so far this year, and the Sabres' fortunes have stumbled. We have it on good authority that he still gets twitchy when anyone mentions Milan Lucic or the No. 17 or shows him a teddy bear.

    That last part was made up, but the teddy bear thing may still be true; they can be scary in the right light.

    Miller has found his game again, and the Sabres' once impossible playoff chances have been brought back to life. For his part, Miller posted three wins this past week including back-to-back shutouts in California.

    That's some good California dreaming and good enough for the second star.

1st Star: Matt Brown

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    The Boston Bruins honored Matt Brown, a local high-school player who was paralyzed while playing hockey, by having him drop the puck before their game with the New York Islanders.

    This is what hockey is all about. This kid has overcome a ton and shows more guts than every guy in the NHL has in his recovery.

    Good on Matt, and good job by the Bruins.

    Our first star was a pretty easy choice this week.

3rd Bum: Brian Burke

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    Brian Burke finds his way on our bum list for the second straight week. This week was busy for Toronto's head man; he had to make the always tough choice to fire his head coach.

    He is not our third bum for the firing, as anyone paying attention the past few years has been waiting for this shoe to drop for some time. No, the move actually was a good one.

    He makes our list for suggesting that the fans, who chanted "Fire Wilson" last week, had a part in his decision.


    At his press conference to announce the dismissal he stated, "After the last home game, it was clear to me that it would be cruel and unusual punishment to let Ron coach another game in the Air Canada Centre. I wasn't gonna put him through that."

    Wow, when the fans start making decisions, you are in trouble. What happens when Toronto fans start chanting "Fire Burke"?


2nd Bum: Don Cherry

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    The Ron Wilson circus carried on to the CBC Saturday night when Don Cherry went on an epic nonsensical rant about the Maple Leafs, Burke and the lack of Ontario kids playing in Toronto.

    Amongst the crazy, he suggests that Brian Burke went to CBC and tried to get him fired.

    Come on Grapes, nobody but you're mouth has tried to get you fired. Brian Burke has more important things to worry about than getting you fired. Get over yourself.

    As if the suit wasn't bad enough, he had to try and inject himself into the Maple Leafs situation.


1st Bum: Devin Setoguchi

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    Whether you love or loathe the shootout in the NHL, Setoguchi's attempt in Montreal last week was pretty horrible.

    Not getting a shot off in the shootout is pretty bad. It's a shootout; the word "shoot" is in the title. As bad as that is, he tried to salvage it and put the breaks on, only to flop over like a fish out of water.

    Nice try, Devon. Bum.