5 Free Agents That the New York Giants Should Make Room for

Ryan SimonCorrespondent IIMarch 6, 2012

5 Free Agents That the New York Giants Should Make Room for

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    The New York Giants have over 20 free agents within their own team to address, and we need to take a look at the key players the G-Men should target.

    Don't expect any big free agents names here, as the Giants are currently over the cap.

    They'll probably lose most of their current free agents as is, and a person like Carl Nicks or Vincent Jackson is wishful thinking at this point in the year.  

    I'm keeping this list strictly within the Giants organization as of right now.

Terrell Thomas

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    The New York Giants sure missed this guy last year. 

    Terrell Thomas is a great cornerback whom if the Giants manage to re-sign can resume his starting role alongside Corey Webster.

    I'm not big on Aaron Ross, and without him the Giants are going to be pretty thin at CB even with Prince Amukamara.

    Getting Thomas back would be big for the G-Men.

Deon Grant

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    Bringing safety Deon Grant back would be a win-win for both sides.

    Grant gets to continue playing football, and the New York Giants get another veteran presence back in their locker room. 

    I doubt he'd ask for a ridiculous contract, and he can contribute to the Giants pass defense for another year or two. 

Chase Blackburn

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    I don't see how the New York Giants don't bring this guy back.

    He took over the signal calling duties for the Giants defense, made huge plays in the postseason and he should come relatively cheap. 

    The Giants are hurting when it comes to their linebacker core, and even if they bring back another linebacker to be named, they should definitely attempt to work something out with Blackburn. 

Jonathan Goff

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    Jonathan Goff is going to be a tricky player for the New York Giants to re-sign.

    Honestly, it all depends on how he views his stock.

    Goff had a good 2010 season before suffering a season ending injury, but he's not worth a huge contract. 

    If Goff isn't willing to come back at a cost, I'm perfectly fine with the G-Men cutting Goff loose. 

Jake Ballard

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    He's a restricted free agent, but the New York Giants flat-out need Jake Ballard. He brought life to the tight end position for the Giants, and he only made $400,500 last season. 

    I don't see Ballard going anywhere, especially given the torn ACL injury he suffered in the Super Bowl.

    Ballard should be back and ready to produce for the G-Men for the 2012-2013 season. 

People Who Need to Adjust Their Contracts

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    Sorry Osi Umenyiora and Brandon Jacobs, you gots' to go.

    Well, not really—can you take less money?

    Probably not? Maybe? I have no idea. 

    These are two players on the downside of their careers who are making way too much money. Osi is set to make around $4 million, while Jacobs is scheduled to make above $4 million. 

    I'd love to keep them around, but the chances of keeping both are doubtful, especially with their current contracts.