Winter's 100 Steamiest Sports Hottie Twit Pics

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterMarch 8, 2012

Winter's 100 Steamiest Sports Hottie Twit Pics

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    Who needs a subscription to men's magazines likes Maxim, FHM, Esquire or even Playboy these days? Seems a bit silly to pay for a year's worth of magazines when most of the models are posting the same images on Facebook and/or Twitter on a daily basis. 

    I am actually fairly new to Twitter, but am relatively adept at needless Internet research. Which is how I've come to realize that Twitter is a fascinating blend of super sexy photo shoots and the ordinary day-to-day goings on of the sports world's sexiest broads. 

    Naturally I've spent countless hours of my life (that I'll never get back) scouring Twitter to bring you the hottest pics of every athlete, WAG and smokin' hot chick vaguely associated with MMA. You know it's only because I care deeply about you. 

    Here are the 100 steamiest Twit pics of the last few months, and a few bonus pics because you're my favorite. 

100. Monica Mason, Miami Dolphins Cheerleader

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    Monica Mason is a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins and a Florida college student majoring in speech pathology. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @muneca131: When I was younger #Iusedto think dressing like a tomboy was cool and playing video games were better then babies! Lol ♥

    @muneca131: Spray tan day ....Omg half of my body got double sprayed ! #annoying

    #Cheerleader problems

99. Shelley Lashley, LFL

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    Shelley Lashley is a Penn State alum and plays for the Philadelphia Passion in the LFL. She's also a model, a nursing student and she loves Jesus. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @PSUTrini: Why do I start dancing when "Rack City" comes on? I'm not a dancer nor do I like when people make it rain o_0

    @PSUTrini: The only part of my brain that is manly is the fact that I love sports! And lifting weights ... Other than that 100% barbie lol

    Wait!? What kind of person doesn't like it when people make it rain??

98. Elizabeth Simmonds, British Olympic Swimmer

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    Elizabeth Simmonds is a British Olympic swimmer who specializes in the backstroke. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @QueenMond: Snape snape, Severus snape *DUMBLEDORE*.. Snape snape, Severus snape *DUMBLEDORE*.. If u understand this tweet then I want to befriend you.

    I don't understand that tweet. I guess we're not meant to be friends. #ohwell 

97. Kelly Kelly, WWE Diva

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    Kelly Kelly is a model turned WWE diva and was once named to Maxim's 100 Hottest Women list. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @RealKellyKelly: Eugh bad dreams are the worst 

    @RealKellyKelly: And 3rd your not getting any younger,looks are fading fast so use as many people as u can now because your starting to look like Joan rivers

    That first tweet had over 50 retweets, I guess it really resonated with the public. There was no context to to the second one, but it sounds about right. 

96. Lauren Gardner, Sports Media Personality

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    Lovely Lauren Gardner is a former Broncos cheerleader and in-game host for the Rockies, Avalanche and Broncos. Currently she's a student pilot and pursuing a career as a sports and media personality. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @LGRed: Went to David's Bridal to do the whole, maid of honor thing. Who is this David anyway? Felt like I was in a Costco for weddings #fact 

    @LGRed: #Peyton as a permanent cast member on SNL, we all loved his PSA skit.... #PEYTONWATCH

    I hate weddings, they always involve an expensive series of chores. On the plus side, that's the best idea I've heard about Manning's future to date. 

95. Stephanie Rice, Australian Olympic Swimmer

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    Stephanie Rice is a world champion Australian swimmer and an Olympic gold medalist who will be competing at the 2012 Olympics in London. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @ItsStephRice: Nothing like a 6.30am drug test to start the week off 😜 #keepinsportclean

    @ItsStephRice: How to lose a guy in 10 days is on TV!! Such a great movie. Thoughts??

    My thoughts are that she has horrifyingly bad taste in movies but a good perspective to deal with drug tests at dawn.  

94. Erin McDougall, MMA Fighter

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    Erin McDougall is an MMA fighter. She's also a talker, a writer, easily amused, obviously kind of a hipster and fabulous. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @iMcDooogs: Have doubts? Smash them. Fears? Stomp them. Haters? Love them.

    @iMcDooogs: Most times the only guidance you need is inside of you already... You just have to have the balls to listen to it and make a decision.


93. Kolbi Killingback, WAG ( Gordon Hayward)

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    Kolbi Killingback is the girlfriend of the Utah Jazz's Gordon Hayward and a student at Ball State University. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @kolbik: For those of you who don't know.. Gummy Bears are made from animals bone marrow..sorry if I just ruined your favorite candy ☺

    @kolbik: Why is there a straight man changing the mannequins bras at Victorias Secret....?

    First—didn't you always want to hit the jag that insisted on telling you the straight dope about hot dogs in high school? Second—how can you tell that someone is gay just by watching him change a bra on a mannequin?

92. Lisa Wiik, Norwegian Snowboarder

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    Lisa Wiik is a Norwegian snowboarder who is excited by the following: Life, traveling, adrenaline, creativity, challenges, friends, competition, mountains, snow, smiles and happiness. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @lisawiik: The power is back!... Still very windy. Ha en fortsatt hyggelig kveld da dere:)

    I don't know what that means, but it came with a cute photo. 

91. Brandi Marie, Playmate "Sports Geek"

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    Playboy model Brandi Marie isn't technically involved in the sports world in any way, but she is a Penn State alum and a serious superfine Steelers super fan. Plus she's dressed as a referee. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @BrandiMarieXO: I'm addicted to the Birthday Cake Oreos. They are soooo good! 

    @BrandiMarieXO: NASCAR would be more entertaining if they could drop banana peels and shoot turtle shells.

    Yum. And and totally agree about NASCAR, banana peels add a little something to all competitive activities. 

90. Michelle Ould, MMA Fighter

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    Michelle Ould is an MMA fighter who has been training and competing in the sport since 2007. Ould is a mother of two and her record at 125 pounds is 4-2-1.

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @MichelleOuld: Dammmmn that chick on teen mom had better ground n pound than some pro fighters lol

    @MichelleOuld: Ever been choked out by your own fart

    I would say she's too old to be watching Teen Mom, but the second tweet suggests she's a teenage boy at heart. 

Such a Pretty Face!

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    Beautiful faces are often overlooked in the fleshy meat-market that is Twitter. Of course that doesn't mean they don't exist. 

88. Sarah McDowd, UFC Ring Girl

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    Sarah McDowd is a UFC ring girl who is currently a model and maybe an actress, as well as the spokesmodel for Falken Tires. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @sarahmcdowd: I think one of the worst parts about being an actress would be pretending to be in labor... Um no thanks. Reason #249 i dont pursue acting

    That's right, Ms. McDowd isn't a famous actress because she's philosophically opposed to SAG—and that is the only reason.

87. Brooke Lynette, Cage Warriors Ring Girl

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    Brooke Lynette is the head ring girl for Cage Warriors. She's also a commercial, fitness and lingerie model who thinks others should live righteously. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @Brrrookelyn: Disappointed with hummingbird cupcakes.. Not gona lie tesco cupcakes beat them hands down!! And I'm a cupcake expert!!

    @Brrrookelyn: Some people don't understand how busy I am. I'm not superwoman. Only do much I can do at one time!! Not enough hours in the day.


86. Harmony Joy, Former Bengals Cheerleader

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    Harmony Joy is a former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader and current aspiring model and actress. According to her Twitter bio, Joy is also a "bikini competitor," host, sports and entertainment reporter and a food and wine enthusiast. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @Harmony_Joy: Does anyone ever just have bad days? I'm there now.

    @Harmony_Joy: Been feeling sad today. I'm in need of some friend time

    Actresses always have way too many feelings. 

85. Linda Brenner, Former LFL QB

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    Linda Brenner was once the quarterback for the now-defunct Dallas Desire of the LFL. Brenner is also a sometimes model as well as a flight attendant. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @LindaB_urfavQB: Is asking 2 take a girl shopping the new pickup line? Been hearing it a lot lately. Does this really work? Say it ain't so ladies.

    @LindaB_urfavQB:That's why I hate makin plans. Never know how I'm going 2 feel that day..or if something more important may come up. 

    #DumbModelQuestions #ModelBraggingDisguisedAsProblems

84. Tisha Marie, Former LFL Player

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    TishaMarie is a former LFL player who knows works as a model. Marie has appeared in King, Maxim and the cover of Playboy in 2011. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @iTishaMarie: Erasing liabilities, gaining assets and narrowing my circle.

    @iTishaMarie: Be careful of the company you keep. Everyone does not care about you and you'd be silly to think otherwise.

    Girl sounds a little on the paranoid side, but I guess it's better to be safe than sorry?

83. Amber Nichole Miller, UFC Octagon Girl

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    Amber Nichole Miller is a UFC octagon girl and wife of MMA fighter John Wood. Miller is also a sometimes model and actress, animal lover, NFL fan and hot dog enthusiast. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @ufcambernichole: #liar #HOT #naughty@AmandaCorey25: yes this is real life, no I'm not shooting a porn. Lol #phototime

    @ufcambernichole: The weather is amazing!! I want to move here #rightaway (@ Pacific Edge on Laguna Beach, a Joie de Vivre Hotel) [pic]:

    Yes, they both have pictures. Yes, the first picture looks like porn. Yes, she lives 10-times the life any of us could even imagine. 

82. Logan Stanton, Former UFC Ring Girl

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    Logan Stanton is a former UFC ring girl who was fired in 2009—the dismissal was a surprise and she described the whole thing as "unprofessional." Stanton has forged a successful modeling career since then. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @LoStanton: Booze cruise☺

    @LoStanton: time for a drink :) #fb

    This is my kinda broad—wonder if she's in the market for a new best friend?

81. Amber Lancaster, Former Seahawks Cheerleader

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    Actress Amber Lancaster is a former Seattle Seahawks cheerleader and Price is Right model. Lancaster can currently be seen on MTV's The Hard Times of R.J. Berger.

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @AmberLancaster: Never cry over spilled milk. It could have been whiskey.

    @AmberLancaster: "the problem with some people is that when they aren't drunk, they're sober"

    The great Peter O'Toole couldn't have said it better himself. #DrunkWordsToLiveBy

80. Corissa Furr, Strikeforce Ring Girl

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    MMA fanatic Corissa Furr is a Strikeforce ring girl and the MANswers girl from SpikeTV. Furr is also a sometimes actress, tomboy in disguise, sneaker freak, animal lover and a former band geek.

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @CorissaFurr: Missing fights bc I'm at wardrobe fitting for commercial. I've been here an hour, but have to wait for other the girls in my scene. WTF!!

    @CorissaFurr: So annoyed right now... Effing girls can't be on time, and they're f*cking with my fight night!!! (>.

    Just in case you thought the life of a model was easy and stress free. Apparently there are plenty of jags in every profession. 

79. Adriana Lima, WAG (Marko Jaric)

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    Adriana Lima may be a WAG, but she's the star in that relationship. Lima is one of the most successful models in the world and is best known for her work with Victoria's Secret. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @AdrianaLima: If you know what is a ladder, I was at gym working out in one, had my music on, and dropped the

    @AdrianaLima: Mmm...... Bed...... White sheets..... Comfortable cotton t-shirt.... My eyes barely open.... Yes.... Tonight I will sleep like an angel.....

    It's basically gibberish, but I don't think anyone is going to hold it against her.

Gorgeous Girls in Groups

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    What to expect moving forward: Bikini beach parties, hot tub time, bachelorette parties and the like.  

77. Claire Bevilacqua, Surfer

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    Claire Bevilacqua is a professional surfer from West Australia who appeared in ESPN: The Magazine's annual Body Issue in 2009. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @clairebevo: This bush land aussie desert girl is missing her dry home, havent seen the sun in days and it never stops raining here.... vampire weather

    @clairebevo: Hard to sleep when you live at the pipe house and the waves sound like they are breaking on the roof, swells up ; )

    Technically she's speaking English. But her world is so epically different than most of ours, she might as well be speaking another language. 

76. Kelly Kelly, WWE Diva

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    Kelly Kelly is a WWE Diva and a model who has appeared on the cover of Maxim magazine. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @RealKellyKelly: Just did my first ever @makeawish, it was an amazing honor, and Jerry is such an incredible young man.

    Nice when people give back when they aren't legally obligated through some type of community service. 

75. Nikki Lee, Former LFL Player

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    Nikki Lee is a former player for the LFL's Chicago Bliss and currently a model, dancer, real estate agent and business owner.

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @lovenikkilee: The nicest guys end up with the meanest females!! How does that happen?!

    @lovenikkilee: Somebody on FB just put me on blast and asked me on a date on my status! That's a brave man...I've never met him!

    #HotSingleGirlQuestions #HotSingleGirlProblems

74. Blair Evans, Australian Olympic Swimmer

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    Blair Evans is an Olympic swimmer from Australia. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @BlairEvans: Saw an old guy fist pump for gettin across the intersection before the red man stopped flashing.. Obv keen for the beach! #37&lovinit #Perth

    @BlairEvans: Is so satisfied by food right now 😌 #foodcoma

    I like a girl who appreciates the simple things in life, like eating and successfully crossing the street.

73. Kenda Perez, MMA Personality

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    Kenda Perez is the host of the UFC's International Show and Fuel TV's The Best of Pride Fighting Championships.

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @KendaPerez: Dear 6 am, ur ugly, but lets do this!

    @KendaPerez: 8 am hustle

    Taking on each day, smack talking the time of day in two-hour increments. That's the only way to live, my friends.

72. Caroline Burckle, Former American Olympic Swimmer

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    Caroline Burckle is a University of Florida alum and a former swimmer who competed at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @carostilwell:@espn #FLORIDA!! love my alma mater!!

    @carostilwell: @Cullen_Jones have fun at my good oleeeee #almamater!!! Give pappy a big ole squeeze for me #GATORS ;)

    #GatorPride never dies, even though we all wish it would. Kidding Gator fans!!! Please don't freak out and write me hate mail.

71. Summer Rae, WWE Diva

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    Summer Rae is a former player in the LFL who was better known as Danielle Moinet back then. In the wrestling world she goes by Summer Rae and she was recently signed by the WWE as a Diva-in-training. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @Summerrcrush: I mean...this is good. #RAW

    @Summerrcrush: Monday night...the best night of tv!

    She's either a WWE super fan or she's already towing the company line—either way, it works. 

70. Erin Andrews, ESPN Anchor and Reporter/National Treasure

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    Erin Andrews is a correspondent for Good Morning America and ESPN's most beloved broadcaster. Not that homegirl even needed an introduction. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @ErinAndrews: Love her RT @NancyGraceHLN: W/ @ErinAndrews at the Disney event introducing the newest ship of the Disney Cruise Line

    @ErinAndrews: I've heard the same rumor & I have Bieber fever RT @Mr_Calla: @ErinAndrews Can u confirm Justin Bieber is attending this game?

    So Ms. Erin loves her some Nancy Grace and Justin Bieber. I guess it's true—nobody's perfect. 

69. Amber Nichole Miller, UFC Octagon Girl

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    Amber Nichole Miller is a UFC Octagon girl and wife of MMA fighter John Wood. Miller is also a sometimes model and actress, animal lover, NFL fan and hot dog enthusiast.

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @ufcambernichole: “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” #truth #universelove

    Not to be rude, but that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. 

68. Coco Ho, Professional Surfer

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    Coco Ho is a World Tour surfer and the niece of Hawaii's biggest, baddest entertainer—the legendary Don Ho. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @coco_ho: Put my long boarding skills to practice at snapper this evening.. Safe to say my nose riding is #sketchy !!!!!

    @coco_ho: Having 2 aunties as stuartist on a flight = spoiled rotten:)


67. Cassandra Strickland, LFL Player

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    UC Berkeley alum Cassandra Strickland played wide receiver for the LFL's Las Vegas Sin this past season. Strickland is also a sometimes dancer, model and personal trainer. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @Cassie_LFLSin1: guess what? i almost got drowned today by some broad in a life vest that kept screamin she couldnt swim..really? why u in the ocean though??

    @Cassie_LFLSin1: this heffa fell off the banana boat and was freaking out talkin bout she couldnt breathe...really??? how u talking though

    @Cassie_LFLSin1: haha i was like calm down got on a floatin device!!!! all that kicking and fusin makin u look cray cray!!

    That whole story was equal parts amusing and mean. Actually, it was probably a bit meaner than amusing…never mind.

66. Lindsay M., Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader

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    The lovely Ms. Lindsay M. is a two-year veteran cheerleader for the Atlanta Falcons. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @AFC_LindsayM: Some nasty storms out there Atl! Hope everyone is paying attention to the news and safe and sound!

    @AFC_LindsayM: Soo sleepy! Falling asleep in traffic on 75. #naptime

    Lindsay is very adorable, but she mostly tweets about the weather, traffic and food. 

65. Kavita Channe, Sports and Media Personality

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    Kavita Channe is a sports and media personality from Miami. Channe is the creator, producer and host of 1st Down N' Dirty, a sports web series that you can watch on YouTube. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @KavitaChanne: Just saw an infomercial for "Snap On Smile". For realz?!!! Google it...u will laugh. Kinda looked dentures.

    I did Google it. And it did make me laugh.

Ladies of Lingerie Football League

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    You've seen a few thus far, but these ladies deserve a section of their own. 

63. Tanyka Renee, LFL

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    Tanyka Renee plays for the Philadelphia Passion in the LFL. Outside football she's a fitness and nutrition professional, entrepreneur and a sometimes model. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @jockintanyka: When we strive to become better than we are....everything around us becomes better too.


    @jockintanyka: yup bananas have seeds…the real ones do…they are located in the middle…u can really see them in plantains


62. Melissa Margulies, LFL

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    Melissa Margulies is a former USC track athlete, a wide receiver for the Los Angeles Temptation and a personal trainer. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @MelMarguiles: Scoop of heaven ice cream, waimea waterfalls and botanical garden, beers on beach for sunset, Giovanni's garlic shrimp, s'mores bonfire

    @MelMarguiles: My day: sunrise walk to get breakfast on the beach, Dole Plantation to see worlds biggest maze and a huge fish pond, wailua bakery (cont)

    So. Much. Bragging. 

61. Laura Cavender, Former LFL

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    Laura Cavender is a former LFL player who is probably best known for often being very naked in Playboy. Cavendar is also a DJ—or "SheJay."

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @LauraCavenderLC: Dads pullin all his guns out

    @LauraCavenderLC: My dads showing me all his new guns... #Tx

    Charlton Heston would be proud. From my cold dead hands!!!

60. Brittany Austin, LFL

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    Brittany Austin played defensive end for the LFL's Minnesota Valkyrie and is currently a student double-majoring in radio/television and speech communication. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @BrittMNValkyrie: That moment when you call to see if the parentals cooked dinner bc you have no food at home #smh

    @BrittMNValkyrie: @Steffeazy we already started!! Drink uptown now @MNValkyrie8 says lapnap

    Man, I really miss college.

58. Ashley Helmstetter, LFL

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    West Virginia's own Ashley Helmstetter played tight end for the Baltimore Charm. She's also a graduate student and Playboy model. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @shlee1010: Want me a pet Bigfoot N a Leash 

    @shlee1010: Jimmie Johnson my dad is your #1 fan 🏁 #Daytona500

    Well, she's definitely from West Virginia. 

57. Christine Moore , LFL

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    Christine Moore plays corner and defensive back for the LFL's Seattle Mist. She's a personal trainer in her regular life. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @TineMooreLFL: Jus watched some loud ass dude jack some doughnuts from 7 eleven lol

    @TineMooreLFL: LMAO RT @awahl27: Nothing to do but drink and..... Ya ;) good thing I can walk to places

    Is it just me, or is Seattle sounding pretty effing awesome in those tweets?

56. Eliese Zukelman, LFL

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    Miami native Eliese Zukelman used to play for the LFL's Tampa Bay Breeze. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @ElieseZukelman: The resistance that you fight physically in the gym and the resistance that you fight in life can only build a strong character #GymTime

    @ElieseZukelman: Better late then never --> GYM SESH #GOHARD

    I always appreciate the motivation of "Gym yourself to a better life" types, but their excessive positivity is usually more tiring than the gym. 

55. Angela Rypien, LFL

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    Ms. Angela Rypien plays quarterback for the LFL's Seattle Mist and is the daughter of retired Super Bowl winning quarterback of the Washington Redskins, Mark Rypien. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @Angela_Rypien: Going to miss seeing Peyton in a Colts uniform! :( it just won't be the same.. What do you think?. #bigmistake

    @Angela_Rypien: #RG3 > Andrew Luck

    Quarterbacks talking quarterbacks. I'm totally on board the RGIII train too—I bet Andrew Luck wishes he would have left a year earlier at this point. 

Life's a Beach

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    In case you haven't already noticed, super hot sports babes spend a lot of time rocking their bikinis at the beach. #LifeIsBeautifulWhenYouAreBeautiful 

53. Lauren Williams, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

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    The lovely Lauren Williams is one of the dazzling Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @DCC_Lauren: I love bryan...yay mel!!! RT @kkhumphreys: "paying for a wedding is like driving 2 Lexus s off a cliff" -Bryan Dabbs

    @DCC_Lauren: What a beautiful bride!! Yay mel! @kaileylord

    @DCC_Lauren: Yay Mel!!!!

    OMG, yay me! I'm guessing Lauren loves being Lauren.

52. Liz Gorman, LFL

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    Liz Gorman plays safety and running back for the LFL's Tampa Bay Breeze. Gorman is a personal trainer in Florida and works regularly as a smokin' hot fitness model. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @LizGorman1: Eh. Valentines day :/ too many hallmark commercials on lol least I have my valentines .... Ashes

    @LizGorman1: Chilling on the couch with the #Roomie stuffing our face with candy! #innerfatgirl

    Hatin' on Valentines Day, lovin' on candy. Boom, awesome. 

51. Iryna Ivanova, Cage Girl

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    Iryna Ivanova is a cage girl for WFF and MMA and was Playboy's Playmate of the Month in August, 2011. She loves animals and is obsessed with guacamole and Starbucks.

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @IrynaIvanova: I was so determined to make tomato soup yesterday, that I had to use hammer to open can lol

    @IrynaIvanova: can anyone download my pictures from playboy APP (unpublished) cuz i don't have iPhone and iPad , i would really appreciate it :)


50. Dallas Friday, Professional Wakeboarding

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    Dallas Friday is a professional wakeboarder who wakeboards professionally. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @dallasfriday: Us lefty girls are headed to Tampa cable for some shredding!!

    @dallasfriday: @corriedyer just arrived! Looking forward to doing some riding together this week!

    Shredding and riding equals wakeboarding.

49. Felicity Palmateer, Professional Surfer

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    Felicity Palmateer is an Australian professional surfer who is sponsored by Billabong. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @flosspalmateer: I wish I was a mermaid!

    @flosspalmateer: Favourite thing to do other than surfing!!

    Felicity's favorites: Mermaids, surfing and diving. I'm sensing a theme. 

48. Truly Gil, Miami Dolphins Cheerleader

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    Truly Gil is a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader who is giving up the glorious surroundings of South Beach for a bleaker existence in Washington, DC.

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @TrulyGil: Miami- a place where your horn needs to be replaced before your blinker light.

    @TrulyGil: Why do guys think they can get girls by screaming out their car window?? Definitely one thing I'm NOT going to miss about Miami.

    I live in DC, so I can't wait to find out what she thinks about the driving abilities of the fine residents of our nation's capital. 

47. Tisha Rorigues, MMA Fighter

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    Tisha Rorigues is an MMA fighter, fitness model, mother, wife, superhero and an MMA correspondent for CES MMA & Boxing Mass.

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @MMAChic7: #Crossfit Time:-) hv a great day Twerps!

    @MMAChic7: Night twerps way too much training manana, to still b up..ouch!

    I know it's not an insult or anything, but much like "tweeps," I really dislike the term "twerps."

Seriously Bangin' Bodies

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    Knowing their strengths and weaknesses, often times sports hotties post photos of their best assets. This way you can take in the view without being distracted by faces and such. 

45. Kavita Channe, Sports and Media Personality

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    Kavita Channe is a sports and media personality from Miami. Channe is the creator, producer and host of 1st Down N' Dirty, a sports web series that you can watch on YouTube.

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @KavitaChanne: I enjoy your tweets oh so much @ochocinco but I'm so NOT digging your toilet avi on my timeline. Please change por favor. #PrettyPlease

    @KavitaChanne: Let's be honest, I don't see #Tebow prancing around a hot tub with another chick on camera. Skinny dipping before marriage? Don't think so.

    Kavita is not just a pretty face, she also gives good advice. #BeautyAndBrains

44. Heather Shanholtz, MMA Model

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    Heather Shanholtz is a fitness model who has been featured in Muscle Mag, Planet Muscle, Ultimate MMA and The Ring. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @HShanholtz: New hair Yikes!!! I shed a tear but hopefully I get used to it

    There are few things in life worse than a girl crying over a hair cut, especially when the photo proves it's a good hair cut and probably looks exactly like her old hair cut (minus two inches).

43. Marieke Guehrer, Australian Olympic Swimmer

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    Marieke Guehrer is a world championship swimmer from Australia who is currently training for the 2012 Olympics in London. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @mariekeguehre: You know it's an #olympicyear when you get two drug tests in 2weeks

    @mariekeguehre: Nice sleep in this AM after final night of VIC state champs. Now off to Pilates and gym. 8.5 weeks til Olympic trials kids!!

    Drug tests, early mornings and excessive exercise…being an Olympian kinda sounds like it sucks.

42. Rebecca Grant, Former Sports Broadcaster

58 of 104

    The ravishing Rebecca Grant is a former sports broadcaster who has worked for both FOX Sports and ESPN. Grant is a successful model who has appeared in FHM and Maxim and is currently pursuing a career in acting. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @rebeccagrants: Pre-Oscar Party in Beverly Hills means dress up time. Ooh la-la

    @rebeccagrants: P.Diddys Grammy Bash @Playboy Mansion. Wore a retro dress in remembrance of the INCREDIBLE Whitney Houston XOXO.

    Hot girls get invited to hot parties—what else is new?

41. Ashley Sidener, MMA Show Coordinator

59 of 104

    Ashley Sidener is an MMA and Boxing show coordinator, a model and hair stylist.  

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @AshSidener: Am I the only one that buys headphones on a weekly basis!!??

    @AshSidener: What's with Hot girls wearing dorky glasses? I'm I the only one thinking u just downgraded by covering your beauty with that dorky junk!?..

    Yes definitely, why would you need to buy headphones on a weekly basis? And, perhaps some "hot girls" just require glasses to "improve their vision"?

40. Saige Steinmetz, LFL

60 of 104

    Saige Steinmetz plays for the LFL's Tampa Bay Breeze. She's a graduate of the University of Tampa, a proud nanny, a country gal and she lives in spandex and Nikes. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @saigeypoo11: I age everyday. The aches & the pain are crazyyy sometimes..

    @saigeypoo11: Attention to those whoe stare in public Yes, i am wearing spandex. Yes, my legs are rather thick. Yes, i have a big butt. #femaleathlete🏈💪

    The straight dope on Saige—she's creaky, she wears spandex and she's got a big butt. Boom. I like her. A lot. 

Partners in Crime

61 of 104

    You know what I'm talking about here—foxy female duos who attract attention just standing in the general vicinity of one another.

38. Thea Trinidad, Wrestler

62 of 104

    Thea Trinidad is a feisty, high-flying Latina, TNA Knockout who is a regular on SpikeTV's TNA Wrestling. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @VIVAROSITA: I just got proposed to & he said the following: This is ROSITA! She can balance a 12 pack of liquor on her butt & is KFC finger lickin good!

    @VIVAROSITA: "Do you know how many women wish they looked like you? And u just roll outta bed sippin ur herbal tea lookin FINE! ...Hello Kitty duck tape"

    I'm assuming both of those are considered compliments in the wrestling world. 

37. Mia Greenhouse, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

63 of 104

    The mellifluous Mia Greenhouse is a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @DCC_Mia: Ready to head over to @CowboysStadium for the NFL Cheerleaders Directors Meeting! Such an exciting and fun day ahead with my best friends!

    @DCC_Mia: Ready for practice for tomorrow's show! Love dancing and laughing it up with my friends!!!

    Alrighty, so apparently the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are all BFFs. That's a lovely sentiment, but exceptionally dull to read about.

36. Royce Reed, Former WAG (Dwight Howard)

64 of 104

    The rambunctious Royce Reed is a former star of VH1's Basketball Wives and NBA superstar Dwight Howard's baby momma. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @Roycelr: These Mosquitos are ruthless!!!!! Omg!!! They attacking my window trynna get n the car!!!

    @Roycelr: So Bray lets the windows dwn,a few mosquitos enter,he freaks out/jumps across the car sayin "Get out da car, get out call the police" lmao

    Not to generalize here or anything, but murderous mosquitos are pretty much proof that Florida is hell on earth. 

35. Brooke Adams, Wrestler

65 of 104

    Brooke Adams is a Knockout wrestler for IMPACT Wrestling. Adams is also a sometimes model and actress, as well as the best air band player there is.

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @BrookeIMPACT: Pleaz no inappropriate comments. B respectful. I will block u. I have very young fans they do not need 2see that & I don't appreciate it.

    @BrookeIMPACT: This old perv won't stop harassing me bc i overlooked his comment. Grow up...

    #HotGirlProblems Please don't start creepin' on this poor girl because I led you to her.

34. Jade Bryce, Bellator Ring Girl

66 of 104

    Jade Bryce is a Bellator Girl as well as an actress, model, host and humanitarian. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @thejadebryce: Why does LA Fitness have so many creepers. A guy just came up and pinched me while I was working out. 

    @thejadebryce: Buh bye 24hr fitness. Hello LA Fitness :))

    Ew. My advice is run, don't walk, back to 24 Hour Fitness. Ew. Ew. Ew.

33. Jaime Edmondson, WAG (Evan Longoria)

67 of 104

    Jaime Edmondson is a sports blogger for Playboy and the Playmate of the Month for January 2010. Edmondson is a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader and currently dating Tampa Bay Rays slugger Evan Longoria. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @jaimeedmondson: Seeing people smoking cigarettes at 730am nauseates me...feel like snatching it & flicking them in the nose w/ it.

    @jaimeedmondson: I'm not saying I want to slap this lady w/ an attitude at CVS...but I would love to give her a High Five to the face!✋😡

    I'm not saying that Jaime Edmondson is scary, but I am saying that she will take away your cigarette and punch you in the face (if necessary).

32. Chandella Powell, UFC Octagon Girl

68 of 104

    The delightful and talented Chandella Powell is a UFC Octagon girl who hails from Las Vegas. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @chandellapowell: Such a bad idea when they built a Chipotle by my house! I'm freaking obsessed with their burrito bowls! Soooo good lol!;)

    @chandellapowell: Airport time! Stopping in Oklahoma to visit my family. I can't wait to see my mom and grammy and get some home cooking!!!:)

    Mmmm…chipoltle and grammy's home cooking. Suddenly I'm hungry. 

Saucy Self-Portraits

69 of 104

    An exceptionally fine broad, a phone and a mirror. That's all you need for a saucy self-portrait. 

30. Ashley Ferrara, MMA Ring Girl

70 of 104

    Ashley Ferrara is a boxing and MMA ring girl, a swimsuit and promotional model and a law student at the University of Oklahoma. Ferrara has also appeared in Playboy as a girl of golf. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @AshleyFerrara: My doodles in class are of ring card girl outfits, if law school doesn't work out, I definitely have a career in ring card outfit design!

    @AshleyFerrara: This amazing weather makes me want to go bikini shopping and drink margaritas by the pool!

    Doodles, drinks, design and bikinis…sounds like a pretty sweet existence. 

29. Ashley Sidener, MMA Show Coordinator

71 of 104

    Ashley Sidener is an MMA and boxing show coordinator, a model and hair stylist. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @AshleyFerrara: Just bought the Sexiest backless Bebe shirt!!! Yeaa for summer coming!!

    @AshleyFerrara: Perfect day to relax by my pool n bbq before a nice gym sesh tonight!! #Loving Life!

    Homegirl is livin' the life.

28. Felice Herrig, MMA Fighter

72 of 104

    Felice Herrig is an American kickboxer, Muay Thai fighter and mixed martial artist. Herrig says she's a ninja on the outside and warm and fuzzy on the inside. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @feliceherrig: The worst feeling is coming to the realization that you're ordinary when all you've ever dreamt about was being extraordinary #fb

    @feliceherrig: Why does traveling always make me sick and sore in spots I know I didn't use? * life's unsolved mysteries* #fb

    Most people are ordinary and most people get sick when they're traveling. #RealWorldIssues

27. Harmony Joy, Former Benglas Cheerleader

73 of 104

    Harmony Joy is a former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader and current aspiring model and actress. According to her Twitter bio, Joy is also a "bikini competitor," host, sports and entertainment reporter and a food and wine enthusiast.

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @Harmony_Joy: Can't wait until #Punkd starts again.

    Well that makes one of us!

26. Shannon James, WAG (Hunter Pence)

74 of 104

    Shannon James is a Playboy playmate and the girlfriend of Philadelphia Phillies slugger Hunter Pence. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @Shannon_James: "Sometimes I'm terrified of my heart; of its constant hunger for whatever it is it wants. The way it stops and starts." - Edgar Allan Poe

    @Shannon_James: I'm not going to lie... I watched and cast my vote for American Idol. #stillafan

    I'm very confused. An Edgar Allan Poe quote and an American Idol voting confession. These things just do not go together. 

25. Beth Phoenix, WWE Diva

75 of 104

    Busty blonde Beth Phoenix is the current WWE Diva champion and the Slammy award-winning Diva of the year. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @TheBethPhoenix: Love is when you burn the toast and he eats it anyways because he appreciates the effort...(I blame the toaster!)

    @TheBethPhoenix: If I have a major flaw, it's that I trust and love with all my heart.Yes, it has gotten me hurt, but I refuse to live life any other way.

    If I have a major flaw, it's equating love to burnt toast. 

24. Heather Shanholtz, MMA Model

76 of 104

    Heather Shanholtz is an fitness model who has been featured in Muscle Mag, Planet Muscle, Ultimate MMA and The Ring. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @HShanholtz: @DenniiB Hong Kong was amazing!!! So much modeling out there for us blondies!

    @HShanholtz: Omg it's freezing in Indy can't wait to go back to my hotel and blast the heat

    Hong Kong and Indiana, quite a variance in travel destinations. 

23. Niki Ghazian, Former LFL

77 of 104

    Niki Ghazian is a former player for the LFL's Los Angeles Temptation and a current swimsuit model who refers to herself as "Persian Barbie."

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @NikiGhazian: @LIVMiami is bananas right now!

    @NikiGhazian: I see a hotttttt guy at the table next to us!!!!!

    OMG, that's bananas, I hope there's a hotttttt guy here! #UmOkay 

22. Natasha Wicks, Former UFC Ring Girl

78 of 104

    Natasha Wicks is a former UCF ring girl who was fired along with Logan Stanton by UFC in December, 2009. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @natashawicks: Home watching the last episode of season 4 in Dexter w/ @kingsbu I am so excited to see his reaction!

    @natashawicks:BBQing chicken kabobs, and watching #faceoff such a rad show...

    How can a girl this gorgeous have awesome interests like Dexter, BBQ and chicken kabobs?

21. Anastasia Ashley, Professional Surfer

79 of 104

    Anastasia Ashley is an American professional surfer and a professional Karaoke wanna be. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @AnastasiaAshley: That awkward moment where someone says " just kidding" !!!! But you know there completely serious.

    @AnastasiaAshley: It's amazing how creepy some people can make the phrase " you look good" sound.

    This doesn't look like the kind of girl I can usually relate to, but I can seriously relate to both of those statements. 

20. Gianna Mazzon, MMA Model

80 of 104

    Gianna Mazzon is a fitness model who has appeared in Ultimate MMA Magazine. Mazzon has also appeared in Playboy.

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @GiannaMazzon: @chris_z0906 5 egg whites mix veggies and a sweet potato with flax on top and a cup of green tea.

    @GiannaMazzon: @AndybPERTH that's not nice. It's egg whites sweet potato and mixed veggies. With flax and herbs on top.

    What a tease! On her Twitter page she's eating cupcakes in her underwear, but she's giving out recipes that include egg whites and mixed veggies. 

19. Corissa Furr, Strikeforce Ring Girl

81 of 104

    MMA fanatic Corissa Furr is a Strikeforce ring girl and the MANswers girl from SpikeTV. Furr is also a sometimes actress, tomboy in disguise, sneaker freak, animal lover and a former band geek.

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @CorissaFurr: HAHAHA!! Miss National Asia Pageant emailed me requesting that I participate. . . too bad I'm not asian at all! womp womp!

    @CorissaFurr: @babesofmma haha... I'm German/Irish!!

    That seems like it could have been a relatively awkward conversation. Good for her not letting the whole thing bring her down and make her angry. 

18. Rachel Leah, Former UFC Octagon Girl

82 of 104

    Rachel Leah once worked as a UFC Octagon girl and hosted a number of MMA shows including Inside the UFC and The Ultimate Fighter. 

    Tweets of Wisdom:

    @Rachelle_Leah: I love my mommy :) #BFF #shesmysaint

    @Rachelle_Leah: #cocopuffs are divine.

    #RelatableHotGirl who loves sugar cereal. These are not easy to find. 

17. Natalie Skyy, UFC Octagon Girl

83 of 104

    Since the beginning of 2011 Natalie has been avidly working on her clothing line/design projects and continues to pursue her dream of becoming the next UFC Octagon Girl. Her positive outlook on life and ability to continually strive for excellence makes her destined for greatness—if her website says it, I believe it. 

    Tweets of Wisdom:

    @NatalieSkyy: Throwing down in the kitchen & watching the #nuggets game :)

    @NatalieSkyy: This is the part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me!!!!

    You'll never take my nuggets away from me! 

The Hottest 15

84 of 104

    This is probably pretty self-explanatory.

15. Maryse Ouellet, WWE Diva

85 of 104

    Maryse Ouellet is former two-time WWE Divas Champion and the girlfriend of WWE's The Miz. Oullet is currently pursuing a career as a model/actress. 

    Tweets of Wisdom:

    @maryse0uellet: Kickboxing class,... here i come, ... in the mood to kick some butts!!! be sexy

    @maryse0uellet: Awesome dinner, i am truly addicted to sushi...... be sexy

    Yes, kick things and eat raw fish. There is nothing sexier on this entire planet than those two things combined. 

14. Caitlin O'Connor, Former Host for the L.A. Galaxy

86 of 104

    Cutie Caitlin O'Connor is a model/actress who got her start as a live event host for the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team. O'Connor has also worked with Danika Patrick in national commercials for IZOD. 

    Tweets of Wisdom:

    @Caitlin_OConnor: My new pet rats #yepptheyrecuye

    @Caitlin_OConnor: I brought home two baby rats yesterday from the set. They were gonna get eaten by a snake! So I saved them. #Sometimesyouhaveto

    As someone who has adopted (literally) tens of animals to save them from being euthanized or eaten over her lifetime, I absolutely adore this girl.

13. Eve Marie Torres, WWE Diva

87 of 104

    Eve Torres is a WWE Diva and a spokeswoman/instructor for the Gracie Women Empowered self-defense program. 

    Tweets of Wisdom:

    @EveMarieTorres: If cardio isn’t cutting it for you, check out my Wellness Wednesday blog at!

    @EveMarieTorres: Just finished teaching Gracie Women's self- defense class. Nothing cooler than watching so many women learn how to choke out an attacker.

    If running on a treadmill isn't cutting it in terms of cardio, Eve Marie suggests beating some *ss. I suggest that as well.

12. Jennifer Swift, Cage Girl

88 of 104

    Jennifer Swift is a ProElite cage girl, model and writer for TapouT magazine, Limp Bizkit video vixen and a nutrition spokesmodel?

    Tweets of Wisdom:

    @Jennifer_SwifT: Hmmm so many of you really would travel just to have dinner with me? Maybe I should do a auction for a dinner date with me for charity.

    @Jennifer_SwifT: Hey guys if you could have dinner with me and had to travel an hour to do so would you say this?“@mauroranallo: too far away!” #suspect


11. Brooke Sorenson, Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

89 of 104

    Beautiful Brooke Sorenson is a dancer and former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader who loves baseball and football. 

    Tweets of Wisdom:

    @BrookeNix: @HunterPence3 ya come. I'll be at the tattoo shop by the foot court. I can only imagine how good it is...

    @BrookeNix: @HunterPence3 ha... I did... in which case he looked awesome.

    Isn't that playmate Jaime Edmondson's boyfriend? Are they friends? 

10. Abigail Klein, Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

90 of 104

    Abigail Klein is a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. 

    Tweets of Wisdom:

    @abigailklein: Been to 32 Cowboys games but this is the first I'll be cheering from the stands instead of the sidelines :) Let's go Boys!!!!!!

    @abigailklein: Oooooohhhhh it's on @nicklopiccolo !! We gotta get you reppin' some blue and silver!! Go #Cowboys#SNF

    She may not be cheering on the sidelines, but she's obviously still a Cowboys fan.

9. Hannah Teter, Professional Snowboarder

91 of 104

    Hannah Teter is an American snowboarder and sometimes model who has appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

    Tweets of Wisdom:

    @hannahteter: YES ! Senate To Vote On Bill That Could Kick TSA Out Of Airports -

    @hannahteter: Just gunna say that I really love being groped down by TSA, and brought into the backroom... totally my favorite. ! WTF

    That does sound intense, but I'd say TSA is pretty important.

8. Natasha Wicks, Former UFC Ring Girl

92 of 104

    Natasha Wicks is a former UCF ring girl who was fired along with Logan Stanton by UFC in December,

    Tweets of Wisdom:

    @natashawicks: @TheOrlandoJones You were HILARIOUS tonight at San Jose Improv! @kingsbu and I died at your anal segment ;)

    Who the hell is Orlando Jones and why is this broad loving his "anal segment?"

7. Sara, Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader

93 of 104

    Ms. Sara is a third-year cheerleader for the Atlanta Falcons, football enthusiast and an aspiring sports writer/reporter. Homegirl is also a ninja. 

    Tweets of Wisdom:

    @AFC_Sara: Welp. I just hopped aboard the Jeremy Lin bandwagon. #linsanity #yup

    I hope she's not off the bandwagon already, like everyone else seems to be. 

6. Corissa Furr, Strikeforce Ring Girl

94 of 104

    MMA fanatic Corissa Furr is a Strikeforce ring girl and the MANswers girl from SpikeTV. Furr is also a sometimes actress, tomboy in disguise, sneaker freak, animal lover and a former band geek.

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @CorissaFurr: mmmmm.... I'm craving pho!!

    @CorissaFurr: @SyVuS lol, I'm not a fan of flowers. They die... =P

    So if you're keeping score—Corissa loves pho and dislikes flowers. 

5. Brittney Palmer, UFC Octagon Girl

95 of 104

    Beautiful Brittney Palmer is a UFC Octagon girl, an artist, host and model. Palmer recent appeared on the cover of Playboy. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @BrittneyPalmer: You might've read my mind ;)"@theJamesHurley: @BrittneyPalmer will there be prints available at a later date of the Johnny Cash painting?"

    @BrittneyPalmer: Email my manager ;)"@SheaIreland: @BrittneyPalmer is there anywhere I can get my hands on one of your paintings?"

    The art thing is actually pretty legit. It may be hard to believe that a smoking hot chick is that artistically talented, but crazier things have happened.

4. Kenda Perez, MMA Personality

96 of 104

    Kenda Perez is the host of the UFC's International Show and Fuel TV's The Best of Pride Fighting Championships.

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @KendaPerez: I love my scars... they remind me of my past and show me how much stronger I've become

    @KendaPerez: With all the blessings in my life, still only one matters most, above and beyond all.

    Dear Jesus, thank you for my scars. Xoxo, Kenda. 

3. Anastasia Ashley, Professional Surfer

97 of 104

    Anastasia Ashley is an American professional surfer and a professional Karaoke wanna be. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @AnastasiaAshley: Contest looks off! Morning surf check and some coffee to try n find some waves. It's not raining so that's a good sign !

    @AnastasiaAshley: Contest off again today.. Rain has somewhat returned.. This is crazy!

    Live by the rain, die by the rain. Or whatever.

2. Mercedes Terrell, Bellator Ring Girl

98 of 104

    Mercedes Terrell is a Bellator ring girl and a full-time hustler for Monster Energy Drink 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @mercedesterrell: Photo courtesy of @ericcoleman1 photography. Side note: there were tornado sirens going off outside as we shot...

    @mercedesterrell: Mean muggin, straight thuggin @summerdaniels

    Obviously homegirl is a gangsta. 

1. Arianny Celeste, UFC Ring Girl

99 of 104

    Arianny Celeste is a UFC Octagon girl and the host of Ultimate Insider. Celeste is also a model, actress, fitness nerd and spokesmodel for Bud Light. 

    Tweets of Wisdom: 

    @AriannyCeleste: Thankyou @doctoranthony can't wait for my new retainer #geekmode

    @AriannyCeleste: Fireworks are only fun when u have someone I watch em with...If not...blahhhh 👽

    Arianny claims to be a "nerd" and normally I wouldn't believe her…but she's discussing retainers and not having a date to fireworks. Maybe she really is a nerd! Kidding...she's not.

Bonus 5: Coco Ho, Professional Surfer

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    Follow Coco: @coco_ho

Bonus 4: Maryse Ouellet, WWE Diva

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    Follow Maryse: @maryse0uellet2

Bonus 3: Stephanie Ann Cook, MMA Ring Girl

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    Follow Stephanie: @StephAnnC

Bonus 2: Brooke Adams, Professional Wrestler

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    Follow Brooke: @BrookeIMPACT

Bonus 1: Caitlin O'Connor, Former Host for the L.A. Galaxy

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    Follow Caitlain: @Caitlin_OConnor