Jason Giambi, Oakland A's Near Contention In 2009

Joseph LopezCorrespondent INovember 17, 2016

The Oakland Athletics are making a serious push for the AL West this year, and it's clearly demonstrated in their recent signing of Jason Giambi. Giambi hit .247, with 32 HR and 96 RBI last season. Add those numbers in with Jack Cust's 33 HR, and Matt Holliday's .321 batting average, and you have a dangerous, respectable middle-of-the-order lineup.

If Eric Chavez is healthy, which I believe he is, then the A's have a great offensive attack. The A's had a terrible offense last year, but Billy Beane addressed that this offseason. Now, it looks like the A's will be a contender in 2009.

Now, I'm not saying they're team to beat—clearly they aren't. However, with the Angels' inactive offseason, and their losses of K-Rod, Tex, and Anderson, they won't be nearly as good as they were last season. As for the rest of the West, I still think the Rangers have poor pitching—they won't win the division. However, Texas has an explosive offense. The Mariners have some young guys, but I don't see them improving much from their horrible season last year.

The A's and Angels will once again duke it out in the AL West. The division is still weak, but the A's have made the right moves this offseason to close the gap between themselves and the Halos.