World Football: Counting Down the 5 Best Players of the Weekend

Will TideySenior Manager, GlobalMarch 5, 2012

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Europe’s top leagues threw up some great performances this weekend, with a number of the big-name players doing precisely what we expect of them—and playing the hero.

This list starts with Brazilian star Kaka, who produced what some are calling his best ever performance in a Real Madrid shirt against Espanyol.

Next up is Fulham’s Pavel Pogrebnyak, who makes scoring goals look a lot easier than most of us are finding pronouncing his name (apologies on that if I got it wrong).

At No. 3 on the countdown is AC Milan’s pint-size magician Robinho, with the top two spots left for arguably the two hottest players in European football right now.

I could tell you who they are, but that’s what the video is for. We'll be interested to hear of any other deserving players you feel should have featured.

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