Brian Kendrick and Evan Bourne Could Be Key to WWE's Cruiserweight Show

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistMarch 5, 2012

Photo: posted a video recently where Evan Bourne talks about trying to rise to the top of WWE. In the video, he says that his first step is with the US title.

With Jack Swagger having little attention paid to him since he won the title from Zack Ryder, it is nice to see that WWE may have some plans for a feud after all.

Bourne will be coming off of his suspension soon and WWE may not be planning on burying him as many have speculated, and it really shouldn't come as a shock that WWE is willing to give him another shot.

He hasn't had the best of luck in regards to injuries in WWE, and his two suspensions happening within a very short amount of time, he did not look like a star with a bright future.

WWE has not always taken two strikers and buried them. Both Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy went on to win multiple World Titles after being dealt two strikes, but they were much bigger draws than Bourne ever has been.

With Bourne not looking like he will team with Kofi again, WWE may be looking to capitalize on him as a part of this new cruiserweight show we have heard so much about.

WWE has been rumored to be casting for a cruiserweight TV show and Evan Bourne is one person on the roster who would benefit a lot from this new show.

Another rumored participant is Brian Kendrick, who has supposedly been talking to WWE again. Kendrick was recently released from TNA after requesting to be let go.

His high-energy style would work perfectly for WWE's new show, and if he has truly kicked the mary-jane habit like he says, then he could have a bright future in WWE.

Kendrick is a talented worker who had some success in WWE as one of the longest running tag champions in SmackDown history.

A return to the company would obviously be good for Kendrick, but it would be great for the chances of the cruiserweight show succeeding.

What do you think about Kendrick and Bourne possibly being featured prominently on the new cruiserweight show WWE is rumored to be putting together?


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