OVW On TV: The Prospect

Blue ChipCorrespondent IJanuary 10, 2009

"The Wrestler" movie could happen on TV! It is a plausible idea, simply just MY plausible idea.

First of all it should be said that Vince absolutely hated the movie, "the wrestler." for this to work he'd have to "get over it." that said...

This is a company that is NOW and has been a local televised division. As everyone knows, this is a company owned by the wwe. This is a place for the future superstars, breaking in, to practice before a debut.

Unfortunately, this is also a place where they come to die. where wrestlers start the aftermath of wrestling tragic story, shawn michaels is constantly talking about in his new angle. I think the local television could still be broadcast, as well as a wider viewer base, with little investment on the part of the wwe (to help solve their economic crisis).

I believe in making a reality television series simply filmed at ohv. many will never make it, many may and many will go back there to fizzle out. if this were accompanied by interviews with wrestlers, not so much storyline, but a real raw, backroom, tone, this would be big.

With tough enough, they were never groomed properly and it was a reality show in the most traditional of senses. people who wanted to be on tv. this would be people who want to wrestle and happen to have a camera there. I really think this could work!