2012 NFL Free Agents: Why Green Bay Packers Must Sign Scott Wells

Michael DulkaContributor IMarch 5, 2012

2012 NFL Free Agents: Why Green Bay Packers Must Sign Scott Wells

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    Having re-signed Jermichael Finley, the Green Bay Packers must now sign center Scott Wells in order to complete a solid offseason on the offensive side of the ball. If the Packers can bring back Wells, there's no reason to think the Packers shouldn't have a top offense once again. 

    While the Packers would desperately benefit from having Wells back, they must be smart about their financial situation. If Wells tests the market and gets high-contract offers, there's probably no way the Packers can keep Wells in Green Bay. 

    If this is the case, that's understandable, but the Packers need to do what they can to stay within their means and still bring back Scott Wells.

    If given the chance, the Packers must re-sign Wells.  


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    Anytime you take a Pro Bowl player off a roster, there's going to be some type of fall-out.

    If Wells' is not brought back, the Packers would be without a consistent force that has been the anchor of the offensive line the past few seasons. 

    With Wells as center, the Packers have risen to become one of the league's most dominant and powerful offenses. While poor play along the offensive line play has been an issue for the Packers at times, it hasn't come from the center position.  

No Better Option

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    If the Packers had another viable option at center, then by all means they should let Scott Wells walk and neither party should look back. This is not the case as the Packers only true candidate for the position is Evan Dietrich-Smith. 

    The Packers would likely have to bring in a free-agent center or go with a rookie center if Wells isn't brought back.

    Unless the Packers want to use their first-round draft pick on Peter Konz out of Wisconsin, they are better off bringing back Wells. 

The Whole Line Will Suffer with Downgrade

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    If the Packers are forced to implement a center that is not up to par with the caliber that they have been accustomed to by Scott Wells, the whole offensive line is likely to suffer.

    Without a center capable of holding his own, the guards will likely have to have more responsibility and leave holes in other places on the line.

    With Wells on the line, both guards know that they don't have to worry about Wells fulfilling his role. He's going to do his job and do it well, which allows the rest of the offensive line to do their jobs. 


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    One of the most undervalued aspects of Wells' game is the aspect of communication that is asked of Wells.

    He's responsible for identifying players on the defense allowing the rest of the offensive line and Rodgers to know where to expect pressure.

    If the Packers have to bring in a new center, expect there to be an increase in miscommunication from the center position. This will result in negative plays both in the run game and the passing game.

    Any way to avoid hits on the franchise quarterback should be paid attention to.