Roger Federer: 3 Reasons He Can Win in Indian Wells

Stephen Fenech@Fenech2491Correspondent IMarch 5, 2012

Roger Federer: 3 Reasons He Can Win in Indian Wells

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    Roger Federer has accomplished almost everything one can on a tennis court.

    Wimbledon title? Check that box six times.

    U.S. Open title? Check that box five times. 

    Australian Open? Check that box four times.

    French Open? Check that box once.

    Although Federer has won almost every title in the past, his future is constantly questioned. There is reason for the questioning though. Federer will be 31 at this year's U.S. Open and hasn't won a Grand Slam since his 2010 Australian Open triumph. His rivals, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, have been playing consistently amazing tennis and are also much younger. For Federer to win another Slam he would more than likely have to best both of his rivals in a two day period. This is a tough task for any player on tour but if anyone has can do it Federer would be the man. 

    Before the tennis schedule moves onto the clay in Europe, they grace California and Florida with what will surely be some first-class tennis. The Indian Wells tournament is set to begin later this month and is played on a hard court. Unlike the Grand Slams however, this Masters series event uses a best of three sets format. 

    Federer is always a threat to win any tournament he enters and he has proven that he can play well in California. Federer certainly has to be one of the favorites and here are three reasons why.

His Recent Success

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    Federer has had a solid year thus far and has recently been playing great. He has won two straight titles, in Rotterdam than Dubai, while surrendering only three sets. Federer's most notable recent victory was in the final of Dubai where he beat Andy Murray 7-5, 6-4. This was about a big a win Federer can have at Masters event outside of topping Nadal or Djokovic. Murray had just beaten the world number one Djokovic in straight sets in the semi-finals and came into the Federer match with good form.

    Federer will be coming into Indian Wells red-hot off two titles and the confidence that comes with that. Considering that Federer recently admitted that a lock of confidence has played a role in his two-year Grand Slam drought. 

    One thing is certain, the other members of the Big 4 do not want to see Federer gain more confidence heading into the middle of the tennis schedule. 

He Is Very Dangerous in Best of 3 Set Matches

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    Many of Federer's recent Grand Slam struggles can be attributed to the their five set format. For example, Federer's 2011 U.S. Open semi-final loss to Djokovic. Federer led two sets to one against the world number one. Had that match been best of three sets it would have been Federer facing Nadal in the final, not Djokovic.

His Serve

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    Like most tennis players, Federer often lives and dies with his serve. Although fortunately for Federer, his serve is normally on and the weapon he needs it to be. Federer is always near the top of the aces chart at season end and is capable of controlling entire sets with his first serve. That being said his second serve is the most underrated aspect of his game. Federer has an uncanny ability and adjusting the pace and spin at any moment and this often throws off his opponents. 

    If Federer is serving well at Indian Wells, no one will want to see him standing across the net.