NFL Rumors: 6 Rumors Too Ridiculous to Be True

Elyssa GutbrodContributor IMarch 5, 2012

NFL Rumors: 6 Rumors Too Ridiculous to Be True

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    We’re getting close to the official start of the 2012 free agency period, but we’re not quite there yet.

    It’s no surprise, then, that the rumor mill is operating in overtime.

    As soon as players start to move around, there will be concrete news to report on. For now, fans and the media are left with nothing but speculation.

    Of course, some of those rumors are far more believable than others. Is it within the realm of possibility that Peyton Manning won’t get a deal worked out with the Indianapolis Colts in time to avoid a stint at free agency? Certainly.

    Much less believable, on the other hand, is the idea that Peyton Manning will be the knight in shining armor to teams who already have perfectly good (if not ideal) solutions at quarterback.

    Which rumors flying around are too ridiculous to be true? Keep clicking to find out.

Scott Wells Will No Longer Be a Packer

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    Things aren’t necessarily looking very good for Scott Wells when it comes to remaining with the Green Bay Packers.

    Good centers in the NFL are a highly underrated commodity, and Scott Wells is one of the better centers in the league. He is certainly right to demand what he believes is his due. And the Packers have every right to let him walk away.

    In particular, the Packers are rumored to have their attention on Chris Myers of the Houston Texans as a possible replacement for Wells. One small problem there is that the Texans haven’t made any moves to convincingly prove that they will be willing to part ways with Myers.

    It is very likely that Wells will be allowed to test the free agent market so that he and Ted Thompson can get an idea of what he’s really worth.

    The Packers have played this song and dance before with unrestricted free agents. In 2011, wide receiver James Jones tested the free agent market and found it lacking. He later signed a deal with the Packers for less than he originally believed he was worth.

    It is still a very real probability that a similar situation will play out with Wells, particularly if the options for center in free agency are limited and underwhelming.

Mike Wallace Will Go to the Baltimore Ravens

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    The Pittsburgh Steelers are in perhaps the tightest salary cap situation of any team in the NFL. They have had to make some tough decisions with regards to their roster, including releasing Hines Ward, who has helped to define this generation of the Steelers.

    That doesn’t mean that Mike Wallace will wear another team’s colors next year.

    Despite the difficult cuts that have had to be made, the Steelers front office has been surgical thus far. It is clear that they have a few select free agents on their radar to take care of.

    Mike Wallace is one of them.

    The Steelers reportedly will not opt to use the franchise tag on Wallace, a move they wouldn’t have been able to afford. Instead, they seem determined to work out a longer term deal with the star wide receiver.

    Keep in mind, too, that Wallace is a restricted free agent. The Steelers will have the opportunity to match any offer that he receives. If the offer comes from Baltimore, the Steelers will do anything they can to match it.

DeSean Jackson Was Franchised to Be Traded

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    The Philadelphia Eagles have officially slapped the franchise tag on DeSean Jackson. Despite his disruptive conduct, he is clearly a valuable piece of the team that the Eagles would like to try and keep.

    Trading him now that they’ve used the franchise tag to keep him in Philadelphia will be a tricky—and risky—move in a free agency that will have plenty of talented wide receivers looking for a new home.

    In addition to meeting whatever asking price the Eagles have placed on Jackson’s services, a prospective trade partner will also have to meet the contractual demands Jackson is due.

    Such a polarizing figure at such a high price won’t be an attractive combination to teams in need of the talent Jackson can bring to the table.

Plaxico Burress Will Join the Eagles in 2012

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    Now that Plaxico Burress has reestablished himself as a productive contributor to the NFL after that unfortunate self-shooting incident, he seems to feel that is entitled to call the shots.

    In Burress’ world, he will be an Eagle in 2012.

    Reality check: Philadelphia has just slapped a $9.6 million franchise tag on a wide receiver named DeSean Jackson. They also have the services of Jeremy Maclin and Jason Avant.

    They don’t need another wide receiver with an attitude problem. They certainly don’t need more depth at that position as much as they need other things—like a solution at cornerback.

    Burress may want to believe that he can smooth talk his way onto the Eagles roster, but it’s just a dream. Reality will be much harsher.

Peyton Manning Will Displace an Established Quarterback

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    With each passing day it appears less likely that Peyton Manning will be able to work out a deal with the Indianapolis Colts.

    Recent video has documented that Peyton is capable of throwing deep, alleviating some of the concerns surrounding his health. The timing couldn’t be better; Manning will certainly face a wide variety of suitors.

    Fan and media speculation is running rampant about where Peyton Manning will land. Three apparent fan favorites, however, have almost no chance of happening:

    There’s just one problem in common with all three of these rumors: All of these teams already have established starting quarterbacks. In the case of the Arizona Cardinals, there are two viable starting solutions.

    None of those quarterbacks are elite or fan favorites, but they are all competent enough to lead a team that has been otherwise well constructed. It is ridiculous to believe that any of those three teams will pony up the cash that Peyton Manning will command on the free agent market for a quarterback, however great, who is in the twilight of his career.

Gregg Williams Is Partly Responsible for Peyton Manning’s Injury

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    The scandal that broke about the New Orleans Saints and their defensive bounty program has wasted no time in making waves across the NFL.

    The speculation and the gossip is flying far and fast. Rumors have surfaced that Gregg Williams’ probable bounty with the Washington Redskins is responsible for Peyton Manning’s neck injury.

    Let’s break this one down.

    Evidence has been collected to conclusively prove that Gregg Williams ran a bounty program with the New Orleans Saints defense during his tenure as a defensive coordinator. We know that much as fact.

    Prior to his stint with the Saints, Williams worked with the Washington Redskins as their defensive coordinator. There is some evidence to suggest that the bounty program’s roots came from his time in Washington, but nothing concrete yet.

    Suddenly, the injury to Peyton Manning has taken on a whole new, sinister meeting. He was hit during a game against the Redskins in 2006, and that is now being pointed at as the start of his neck problems.

    It seems to be lost in the mix that Cooper Manning, the eldest brother of the Manning family, has a genetic neck condition called spinal stenosis. It eventually ended his football career.

    Manning was previously checked out for the same condition and was given the all clear, but he is at a higher risk than average to develop problems with his spine.

    In other words, it’s possible that the hit that Manning sustained in 2006 may have caused an injury, but it probably isn’t the root cause of all of Manning’s current problems.