NBA Trade Rumors: Will New Jersey Nets Still Look to Trade Deron Williams?

Karthik TadisinaSenior Writer IMarch 5, 2012

Deron Williams.
Deron Williams.Chris Trotman/Getty Images

With a good portion of the trade talk still somewhat focused on what the Orlando Magic will do regarding Dwight Howard, there is another All-Star guard that could also be very much available via trade.

With New Jersey Nets guard Deron Williams in a similar position like Howard, would the Nets look to deal him rather than risk losing him for nothing during the summer? It remains a possibility.

Williams continues to raise his trade value around the NBA with his continuous outstanding play. Averaging 21.7 points so far this season, he has been the best player on the Nets. The team relies on him for a good portion of its points, and losing him for nothing would be a huge blow for a team that will be moving to Brooklyn shortly.

He posted a career-high (and Nets franchise-high) 57 points Sunday against a lowly Charlotte Bobcats team that actually lost the game by only three points.

Williams has been rumored to leave the Nets for possibly his hometown Dallas Mavericks during the summer of 2012 (as a free agent), although the Nets would like to acquire Howard as early as possible to keep Williams around as well.

However, the chances that Williams leaves the Nets via free agency appears to be high as the team has struggled so far this season and is not viewed as a contender at this time. The Magic are appearing to lean toward not trading Howard before the trade deadline and may be willing to take a chance on losing him in the summer.  

Teams could be lining up their pitches to the Nets hoping that they can bring in Williams and convince him to stay on for a longer stint during the summer. For the Nets, they could trade him to the team that is willing to fork over their best assets while Williams can decide his own fate over the summer.

This is a situation that should be given more attention between now and the forthcoming trade deadline.