WWE: Will Kofi Kingston and R-Truth Form a New Tag Team?

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistMarch 5, 2012

photo by videoproductionwwe.blogspot.com
photo by videoproductionwwe.blogspot.com

R-Truth and Kofi Kingston have a lot in common.

They each have some flash in the ring, with Truth having more of a ground game, while Kofi takes to the air.  They have each been in some pretty high-profile matches in WWE, with both having just appeared in the Elimination Chamber, and Truth being in the WWE Title hunt against John Cena just last year. They each have well-rounded characters, and fit pretty well within the WWE machine.

But, the biggest similarity between them is one that some fans consider a death sentence, something that they may or may not be able to overcome.

They’re tag-team guys.  Pure and simple.

Admit it, that was the first thought you had upon seeing Kofi and Truth tagging together the past two weeks on WWE TV.  Some would say the company’s intentions may have been innocent enough, that with Kofi missing a tag-team partner, and Truth somewhat at a standstill right now, that it was just a one-shot deal, a throwaway match if you will.

Makes sense, right?

But, more often than not, when WWE has two Superstars who currently have nothing to do, the temptation to put them together is just too much.  Soon, the move is made, and next thing you know, JeriShow is born.

After that ran its course, ShowMiz began.  Hey, at least this time, Big Show is not in the mix, right?

It’s been done so many times in WWE, that at this point, fans have come to expect it.  In fact, when it doesn’t happen, it’s a bit of surprise to us.

After all, this is apparently the way Vince McMahon believes a tag-team division should be run, filled with oddball parings of Superstars who are either not shining bright enough on their own, or who have simply hit a wall, with nothing better to do.

Is that what we’re seeing here?  

R-Truth and Kofi Kingston are two different characters of course, and have not been down quite the same path in their WWE careers.

It’s hard to believe that not too long ago, R-Truth was main-eventing a pay-per-view against John Cena for the WWE Championship.  Considering the position he is in right now, it seems like much longer, if it even happened at all.

OK, the truth is, the pay-per-view in question, Capitol Punishment, did not exactly receive rave reviews from fans.  

OK, the truth is, it stank up the place.

A lot of the blame for that, unfortunately, fell on Truth, who many considered to be not quite ready for a championship match on that level, and it was widely believed that John would once again retain his belt.

Cena did walk away as champion, and though Truth came up short, he was not done just yet.

Truth was paired with former WWE Champion The Miz in a faction that came to be known as the Awesome Truth.

See?  Told you that WWE loves doing that sort of thing.

Yes, this did seem to be another example of WWE reaching, and perhaps giving up on Truth as a relevant competitor in the company.  But, none of us were expecting the angle that played out next.

Awesome Truth became a thorn in the collective side of WWE, a duo who drew major heat from the crowd, and who were a featured tag team on RAW.  They dismantled every Superstar who got in their way, and began to earn a reputation as the anarchist faction that would not be denied.

Despite the fact that they began as the typical hodge-podge tag team, Miz and Truth’s personalities fit very well, and they gelled very quickly.

Then, of course, Truth gets himself suspended, and it’s back to square one.

Kingston, on the other hand, has never really received the main-event push that Truth has.  The closest he has ever come was against Randy Orton in 2009.  Kofi seemed to be on the way up, as the crowd had definitely started popping for him, and his future looked bright.

When Randy reportedly complained about Kofi to WWE management, Kingston found his newly accelerating rise decelerating just as fast.

But, after once again regaining his footing in the company, Kofi had an Intercontinental Title run, and began reestablishing himself on TV.  He was in a good spot, and was getting better, more comfortable in his own skin as a WWE Superstar.

Another guy who fit that description was the man eventually paired with Kofi, Evan Bourne. 

Air Boom, and man, I never really cared for that name, was a hot tandem who had many fans believing the WWE tag-team division was on its way back from the dead.

Young, exciting, high-flying, Kingston and Bourne became WWE’s version of the Motor City Machine Guns in TNA, but with a more kid-friendly image.  They smiled a lot, they pulled off crazy athletic moves, and win or lose, they always came back to fight another day.  Fans loved them, and rightfully so.

Then, of course, Bourne gets himself suspended, and it’s back to square one.  Wait, that sounds familiar.

So, here we are, back to what could be known as The Truth Boom?  No, that’s not some inside info on my part, just an assumption of possible things to come.  Both men seem to be back on an even playing field, and as we get closer to WrestleMania, the truth is, neither Superstar is involved in anything substantial with anyone else.  

Maybe this new team is just a pit stop for both men, a way to keep them in the overall storyline, until after the big event in April, then they will go back to their own careers.

For me, Truth, though he has had his own issues, is a great character who is as entertaining as any Superstar in the WWE locker room.  He deserves another look, and a chance to get back to a real level of relevancy in the company.

Kingston is a dynamic babyface who thus far has suffered very little from the loss of his tag-team partner.  He has never had a real chance at getting a glimpse of the top spot, and perhaps that will change eventually.

But, for now, R-Truth and Kofi Kingston seem to be tag-team guys once again.  And, if Air Truth is indeed in the works, then both Superstars will likely bring everything they have to the angle, doing whatever it takes to entertain the crowd.  Just like they always have.

That’s just another trait they very much have in common.